An ATR42-500 for FSX

Courteous of Fred Miller, FSX users have an ATR42-500 with virtual cockpit to accrue some time in.  It is yet another adaptation of an fs9 aircraft for FSX.  However, the MD-81 that was also adapted from FS9, came out great and is considered one of the best MD-81’s for FSX.

 FSX ATR42-500

In addition to the virtual cockpit, the package features full animation, a soundset, and a great panel.  Be sure to read the installation instructions to ensure all gauges work.  You can grab it over at simviation. (simviation)



Update 30.oct.2011 – An ATR-72 is in development for FSX with the ISDT group.  If this  release is anything like their B200, the new ATR-72 will be an awesome FSX add-on. 


8 thoughts on “An ATR42-500 for FSX

    • I believe the windows are dependent upon graphic card settings and what version of FS you are running. The model itself was adapted from FS2004 by Fred Miller, so it is a converted model. I’ll have to reinstall this model on my new system and see if the windows work for me. The screenshot is old, taken on my ’06 iMac.

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