HJG’s DC-8’s for FSX, among other things!

Over at Historic Jetliners Group (HJG), another website update is under their belt. The last time they updated their site, we were treated to their wonderful BAe-146 model. With the 12-19 update, we not only see additional repaints for the BAe-146, but also an updated DC-8 model that makes it FSX compatible. I haven’t had a chance to check it out (I’m leaving town for the holidays shortly!), but it certainly looks good.

Other updates include a new core Boeing panel, a revised 707-138B model and various other repaints. Check out their site >here<.


6 thoughts on “HJG’s DC-8’s for FSX, among other things!

  1. Fantastic site in two words!!!!!!!!
    Even if it would require some prescription fee,I would go for it.

  2. There is something lacking in FSX and it is the absence of good quality “vintage” jets. While the HJG Caravelle’s and 707’s are fs2004, they function to some degree in FSX, but no support is available.

    Hopefully with time, FSX will match FS2004 in add-ons.

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