One reason why I love FSX…

One reason why I love FSX is the CRJ-700 and its virtual cockpit.  After I made some tweaks to FSX, I was finally able to fire up the heavier medal and took the United Express CRJ-700 (operating by SkyWest no less) from Denver (KDEN) to Santa Barbara (KSBA).  It was a great flight, with the only hiccup being ATC sending me on a heading of 185 forever!  I ended having to change flight plans to get to SBA.  (this was an issue with FS9 ATC that MS didn’t fix it) Anyway, I eventually got to SBA, even though it took longer than I thought it would.


The CRJ looked beautiful and handled like a champ.  Banking was not too over courageous and climbing to FL340 happened breathlessly.   I think the best was landing on runway 7 on a moonlit night.


If you don’t have FSX, get it.


Maxwell’s Third Law of Leadership

In the first two Laws of Leadership, we learned that our ability to lead influenced our overall effectiveness (Law of the Lid) and that without influence, leading the way isn’t going to happen (Law of Influence). In Maxwell’s third Law of Leadership, we learn that becoming a leader is a process, hence the Law of Process.

Using Theodore Roosevelt as an example, Maxwell discusses how TR developed into a great president and how he continued to develop after he left office. In another example, Jimmy Carter’s ability to lead while president was in question, but years after he left office, he developed himself into one of the foremost humanitarian leaders, through his work with Habitat for Humanity and diplomatic roles in global peace. Neither of these two gentlemen became a leader overnight. In fact, it took many years of development for them to reach their leadership ability, requiring patience and persistence.

The concept of process is often something that many people often forget about. It is easy to see the end result of dream, but is hard to experience the process of fulfilling the dream. We all must take small baby steps day after day, week after week to reach our ultimate goal. This is where the patience and persistence comes into play. This blog started as a dream for me and has slowly developed into something that people actually read!! So, the Law of Process is a very important part of becoming a leader.

Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is a great resource for anyone interested in becoming a leader or refining their leadership skills. While this post reviews the book, it is important that everyone head’s over to Amazon or to their local bookstore and grab a copy.

New FS9/FSX WWII Bomber…

I am speechless after flying this new bomber around Puget Sound.  First, the visual model is stunning.  Second, its a pain in the ass to fly, which makes it a true vintage bomber.  Third, I LOVE it. So what am I talking about?  Manuele Villa’s new Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero model for FS9 (it works in FSX too!).

The SM.79 was one of the finest torpedo bombers of WWII.  Its three engine design and light alloy tubing with fabric covering made it a very efficient , reliable and rugged bomber.  Nicknamed the “damned hunchback” for its unique placement of a bulge housing the dorsal gunner, it really reminds me of a horned lizard.


This one is a definite keeper in my hangar.  It represents a mastery of GMAX skill and artistry while being a true representation of a by gone era.  Look for at the major flightsim sites. <avsim>


Historic Jetliners Group new toys…

Historic Jetliners Group (HJG) recently had a mini-update to their website where they posted a few Convair 880M, Boeing 707, and Boeing 720 repaints.  The most magnificent of them all is the 1971 Alaska Airlines livery on the Boeing 707-321 (screens below). Its just beautiful!  You can check out their site and other liveries at the link above.  FSX users would be happy to know they have an FSX forum for those using these historic aircraft in FSX.

 HJG Alaska 707-321 colage


Maxwell’s Second Law of Leadership

In my first post, Maxwell’s First Law of Leadership, I discussed Maxwell’s Law of the Lid in which ones effectiveness is only as high as their ability to lead.  Next in the ongoing series of Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, I would like to take a moment to discuss his second law, the Law of Influence.  Before I do, I would like encourage everyone to head over to Amazon and pick up a copy of this wonderful book.

The Second Law:

2. The Law of Influence
This law is quite simple, if you can’t influence your followers’ actions, there is no way you can lead them effectively.  Maxwell makes a clear distinction between influence and a title; true leaders can influence their followers despite their title or position. As an example, he discusses the influence that Princess Diana had over the world.  A woman who was afraid of her position and responsibilities early in her marriage, became one of the most powerful women on the planet, even after her divorce and the removal of royal title.   Her influence, many argue, was greater than the Queen’s.  Diana was a true leader.

So, when you think of your ability to lead, think back and recall the last time you influenced anyone.  Then ask if you influenced them through your title or your heart? I think this law has a lot to do respect and trust than anything else.  You must show that you have them in your interest and that your decision making skills are in line with theirs.  This is how you earn respect and trust.  For me, this is the case, as I have always gained the trust and have been respected by many people who call me for advice.  It is something that I take a lot of pride in.

Next, Maxwell’s Third Law of Leadership…

Project Airbus A319 liveries previewed!

July 26, 2009: Project Airbus is on a indefinte hiatus and downloads are no longer available.  The A380 has been mothballed.  I am leaving the links to their website active for the time being.

Today, Project Airbus previewed a number of liveries for their upcoming Airbus A319. The paints look spectacular and are located in their Preview forum. I can’t wait to get my dirty little hands on the United livery.

While there is still no virtual cockpit in the works, you can alias the A321 panel is FSX and fly it that way. Their current A320 does quite well in FSX and I am ssooooo looking forward to the A319.

26july09 – edit: Added status update at beginning of post.

01july08 – Update!  PA released the A319 as freeware… see my post Project Airbus releases A319