Project Airbus A319 liveries previewed!

July 26, 2009: Project Airbus is on a indefinte hiatus and downloads are no longer available.  The A380 has been mothballed.  I am leaving the links to their website active for the time being.

Today, Project Airbus previewed a number of liveries for their upcoming Airbus A319. The paints look spectacular and are located in their Preview forum. I can’t wait to get my dirty little hands on the United livery.

While there is still no virtual cockpit in the works, you can alias the A321 panel is FSX and fly it that way. Their current A320 does quite well in FSX and I am ssooooo looking forward to the A319.

26july09 – edit: Added status update at beginning of post.

01july08 – Update!  PA released the A319 as freeware… see my post Project Airbus releases A319


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