New FS9/FSX WWII Bomber…

I am speechless after flying this new bomber around Puget Sound.  First, the visual model is stunning.  Second, its a pain in the ass to fly, which makes it a true vintage bomber.  Third, I LOVE it. So what am I talking about?  Manuele Villa’s new Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero model for FS9 (it works in FSX too!).

The SM.79 was one of the finest torpedo bombers of WWII.  Its three engine design and light alloy tubing with fabric covering made it a very efficient , reliable and rugged bomber.  Nicknamed the “damned hunchback” for its unique placement of a bulge housing the dorsal gunner, it really reminds me of a horned lizard.


This one is a definite keeper in my hangar.  It represents a mastery of GMAX skill and artistry while being a true representation of a by gone era.  Look for at the major flightsim sites. <avsim>



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