One reason why I love FSX…

One reason why I love FSX is the CRJ-700 and its virtual cockpit.  After I made some tweaks to FSX, I was finally able to fire up the heavier medal and took the United Express CRJ-700 (operating by SkyWest no less) from Denver (KDEN) to Santa Barbara (KSBA).  It was a great flight, with the only hiccup being ATC sending me on a heading of 185 forever!  I ended having to change flight plans to get to SBA.  (this was an issue with FS9 ATC that MS didn’t fix it) Anyway, I eventually got to SBA, even though it took longer than I thought it would.


The CRJ looked beautiful and handled like a champ.  Banking was not too over courageous and climbing to FL340 happened breathlessly.   I think the best was landing on runway 7 on a moonlit night.


If you don’t have FSX, get it.


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