Stunning New Learjet for FS9!

Today is a great day for virtual corporate pilots. Not only did PAD release their Challenger, but Lars Roennig released his Gates Learjet 25D, complete with panel and sounds. There is more information in the POSKY forum about how this model was made, in addition to the official release announcement. This is Lars’ first model, which is a complete surprise. I can’t wait for his second! Congrats Lars!

Lars Learjet25

I flew the Cherry Aviation cargo model from Medford, Oregon to Santa Barbara, California and can say that I am blown away by this model. The detail is meticulous and their is even freight in the cabin! The flight dynamics took a little getting used to as engine response and banking were leisurely, but yet touchy. I am not a Learjet pilot, so I really don’t much to compare it against. I can only recommend some touch and goes to get used to the handling. This is no Cessna.

Will it work in FSX? Not sure, but you are welcome to try it!

Author: Lars Roennig
Filename: <mediafire>
Size: ~ 31mb
Fixes: See the official release link above for panel mods

25feb08 – added official release announcement link

05may2010 – Updated download link, originally POSKY posts no longer available.


PAD’s CL-604 Challenger is out!

Premier Aircraft Design (PAD) released their Bombardier CL-604 Challenger for both FS9 and FSX. The screenshots in their pinup gallery look awesome. Once I download it and get some time behind the yoke I’ll give my impressions of this bird. In the meantime, feel free to head over to PAD’s site and check it out. >PAD<

25feb08 – this site is back up!

Public Transportation, Papermodel Style!

Courtesy of the State Transit Authority of New South Wales, the papermodel community have three awesome public transit bus papermodels to fill time with.  There are three buses, two Mercedes Benz models and a newer Volvo.  They are single page kits and look impressive. I’ll post a picture once I get one put together…  in the mean time, you can take a gander at them over yonder. >>yonder<<

DogTrot Papermodel Update

I’ve noticed over the past few days that arealityofmyown is getting a lot hits from search terms relating to papermodels.  In particular, the post “A new paper model project” has seen most of those hits.  This is the post where I announced I was working on building a papermodel of the toolshed, dogtrot, style sustainable living compound that I designed a few summers back.  An update is in order!

I designed it using Visio, which is a windows only program.  After printing it out, I measured and started drawing the papermodel kit in Photoshop. Developing the basic walls and placing the doors/windows was not hard and before I knew it, I had the walls built.

Unfortunately, this is where I got stuck.   I had a hard time visualizing the roof.  I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to maintain three separate toolsheds, requiring development of three roofs, or designing it with one big roof over the whole thing.  I always visualized the compound as three toolsheds with somethings like a champa or pavilion type roof over them.  The advantage of the champa/pavilion is that the could be covered with solar panels and/or “green roofing” while providing an expanse of shaded outdoor space and even carport.  For some reason, I just could not visualize the final design, the double roofs seemed like a waste of resources, and I couldn’t how the champa/pavilion roof would integrate with the three units if I didn’t use stock toolsheds.  Then there is the possibility of making the whole thing using straw bale.

As you can see, my mind went nuts with ideas on how to refine this compound.  I love the dogtrot style, I love the idea of living units, and I love the idea of protected outdoor space.   Back the drawing I went, but then the holidays came up and I haven’t gotten back to it.  To make matter worse, my guinea pig attacked the model that I built previously, destroying it.  I think it was sign from above to rethink the whole project  However, I migrated to an iMac (I love it!) and no longer have access to Visio and the files it produced.  I am shopping for a simple Mac based, free CAD program, but haven’t found anything yet.  I might return to old fashion pencil and paper and risk poking my eye with the pencil or dying of an infection from a papercut.  Skethcing it out on paper, with full elevations would make it easier to build from paper! duh!
Overall, the first version was a great exercise in visualizing the details and going through the process of possibilities.  Please stay tuned and be patient, the project is moving forward slowing.

A great shot!

I found this screenshot on my hard drive from a while back when I was really into helicopters.  The freedom of landing pretty much anywhere certainly offsets their unstable nature. However, I think learning to fly a helicopter will make me a better fixed wing pilot.

Leaving Holly

The screenshot is inside FS9, using Al Wheeler’s Central Coast Scenery and Jordan Moore’s  Bell 412 from Hovercontrol.  I really love the mood, with the late day sun and the contrast between the dark sea, light clouds, and devilish mountains.


Time flies!

Its been awhile since I posted anything.  The silence has been due to stress at work, preparing for the triathlon, and a busy personal life.  Its amazing how time flies when you have so much to do, but things have been sorta quiet in the flight simulator realm.

Until later…  cheers!