The Best Looking BBJ for Flightsim!

Nicholas Chapman did us all a great favor by painting up N888TY, a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ).  It  has got to be one of the most fabulous paint schemes to ever adorn an aircraft.   This livery is special to me, as N888TY is often parked on the ramp at Santa Barbara Municipal airport (SBA).  In the late evening light, it is absolutely stunning.  In the photo below, you can see it in the background as a Gulfstream takes off.  The screenshots that follow are from FS9, although FSX compatible files are included.

real world pic (N888TY in the background)

Something is coming our way

YES!Its the coolest BBJ ever!

Touching down on Rwy 25, SBA.

Parked in her spot, SBA.


File Size: 9,799kb
File Name: (avsim)
Repaint Author: Nicholas Chapman
Model by: Project Opensky


3 thoughts on “The Best Looking BBJ for Flightsim!

  1. You will be happy to know that I am re-working this paint using vector based graphics rather than the photo based that the current one has. This yields smoother lines and over all a better plane. No idea on a release date yet though.

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