EarthHour 2008 – A Success

Last night was EarthHour 2008.  For those that don’t know, EarthHour is a grass roots effort to promote action in climate change; at 8pm, March 29th, where ever you are, turn out all of the lights for one hour.  I went one step further by turning off all of my electronics, computers, cell phone and anything else that consumed power (yes, the frig too) and used my olive oil lamps as a light source.  It was fantastic and I learned how quiet the house really is when all that stuff is turned off.

My EarthHour might seem a little extreme, but I think it is more than just showing support for change in climate change policy.  In fact, it is an hour that is yours, only yours. I had a book that I have been wanting to read, but I just haven’t had the time, too many other things happening around me.  So, last night, amidst olive oil lamps, I started reading this book after a short meditation period.  I got halfway through it before the hour was up.  It was awesome.  Not only had my progress toward my own goals, but I also saved energy!

For more information on EarthHour and how you can take action against climate change, please visit their website.  Soon they will be announcing EarthHour 2009!


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