A Beechcraft B1900D for FSX

Beechcraft has been at higher end of the aviation market for quite some time. Their original Bonanza model was a huge success. For modern business traveling pilots, the KingAir series offers incredible performance and reliability unmatched by anything else. With its first flight in 1982, the 1900C model was a heavily modified KingAir 200 model with 19 seats and more powerful engines.

The 1900D model, an improved version of the 1900C first flew in 1990. This improved version, modeled by Premier Aircraft Design (PAD) for FSX, had a taller fuselage to aid in standing up, more powerful engines (of course!), and larger doors and windows. The 1900 model has been adapted to numerous roles including military, executive, and maritime patrol. Production ended in October 2002, but many airlines still fly the 1900, including the largest operator of the type, Mesa Airlines.

The working end of the 1900

PAD’s 1900D model is exquisite from nose to tail. With a full virtual cockpit and a great sound set, this baby is a great addition to your hangar. While the initial release livery is that of Air Labrador, the dark blue paint perfectly complements its curvy, but yet boxy lines. It leaves the pavement with vigor and flies like a Cirrus. I am looking forward to spending many more hours in the cockpit of this bird… not to mention more repaints!

flying over head

Happy regional flying! Make sure to drop the guys at PAD a note of appreciation for this model.


Update 27jun08: The ERA Aviation livery has been released for both FS9 and FSX.  It is a beauty, so stop be PAD’s site and grab her.  Coming soon is a 1990’s United Express livery… 


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