Project Airbus releases A319

Today was the day that Project Airbus adds the sister to their awesome A320 model with the release of their Airbus A319 model!  Read the announcement here. Available in two liveries, SAS and Cypress Airways, available from their site or from avsim.

I will post more after I have the chance to take some screenshots and put some virtual jetA fuel through its engines!  I will take a look at FSX compatibility, but their A320 did well, so should the A319.




3 thoughts on “Project Airbus releases A319

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  2. if possible make an A321 wing is flexible, and if not too much to ask of iberia Thank you for your time.
    porcierto I am writing on behalf of Madird

    • I am not the author of the model. You will have to visit the Project Airbus website/forum and make your request there. The link is in the post above. Unfortunately, the website is down intermittently.

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