More Reasons to Love FSX

The more I fly in FSX, the more I love it.  The honest truth is I was one of those who saw FSX as a video game version of FS9.  The missions, the eye candy, and the graphics seemed to Xbox for me.  But then I started to find more add-ons for FSX that really took FS9 to another level for me.  You see, flight simulator is a very individualized.  I have my favorite aircraft and my settings just right, which varies from how my friends have their flight simulator setup.  After loading an off the shelf version of FSX, I really wasn’t that impressed because I didn’t take the time to wait for some of my favorite FS9 add-ons to port over to FSX.

Case in point…  Posky’s B747-400 in British Airways colors.  This is the classic 747 in my mind.  Now that I took the time to load it up in FSX and found that it works pretty good (although the ground handling stinks).  Below is one of those memorable shots of pushing back from the gate at Dublin in the early, early morning light prior to departure for Heathrow.

In addition, PAD’s EMB-190LR is another favorite that I loved in FS9.  While PAD had an FSX version available, I never took the time to load it since I wasn’t that big on FSX.  Now, needless to say, I installed it and I love it! Below is a shot ascending from Dublin enroute to Schipol.

Both of these pics have very dramatic lighting and look very realistic.  While FS9 could acheive near the same level of realism, the more advanced graphic rendering engine in FSX shines hands down.  The other thing I really like is how the eye sight moves as the aircraft banks, climbs, descends, etc.  Firewall the throttles and you literally get the feeling of being pushed back in your seat.



2 thoughts on “More Reasons to Love FSX

    • Yes, POSKY’s 747-400 v4 are FSX compatible, but they do not feature virtual cockpits. If you can live without the vc, the model does look quite impressive in FSX. Make sure you grab the latest Service Pack from their download section.

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