A True FSX Cessna C310

Another nice release today for FSX, Brett Henderson and Alejandro Rojas Lucena release a sweet looking Cessna C310 for FSX.  This model was developed in GMAX and includes a full virtual cockpit and the eye candy we are used to seeing in FSX.   Both of these authors are known their outstanding aircraft, Brett’s C177 (reviewed here) and Alejandro’s B707.

You can take a look at it and other aircraft over at their website Flight Simulations and Designs.  On their main page, they have some development screenshots of a Lockheed L-188 Electra.  Keep an eye on these gentlemen, they are providing us all an outstanding service with their releases!

update 01sep08 – I took FSND’s C310Q for a quick test flight from Santa Barbara Municipal to Santa Maria Public Airport.  I have to say, this is one impressive flightsim model.  From the detailed virtual cockpit to the stable and realistic flight dynamics, to the above average exterior model, this model is a must for everyone’s FSX hangar.  Some screenshots below for your enjoyment! 


front shot c310

Climbing out of SBA, the engine and wing detail of this model is superb.



Crossing the Gaviota Vortac at 6,000 feet.

Crossing the Gaviota Vortac (GVO) at 6,000 feet.


The virtual cockpit is a wonderful place to do business.

The virtual cockpit is a wonderful place to do business.


Landing runway 30, Santa Maria after a joyful flight.

Landing runway 30, Santa Maria after a joyful flight.


On the Aviation Unlimited ramp at SMX.  Plenty of eye candy in this model.

On the Aviation Unlimited ramp at SMX. Plenty of eye candy in this model.

I have got to thank FSND for developing this model and releasing it as freeway.  I can see many hours of joyful flight simulator time in the virtual cockpit of this new model.  Thank you!



Dornier 128-6 for FS9, Almost…

Speaking of Dornier aircrafts, Mathias Elsaesser released a nearly finished 128-6 “Servant” model for FS9.  Unfinished meaning that it is rough around the edges, but is worthy of some enjoyment in the simulator.  Despite its level of finito, I am happy to see such a unique aircraft available for us to enjoy.

Based on the Do27 single engine “bush” plane, the Dornier 128-6 is the production version of the Do28D-6X Turbo Skyservant prototype powered by two PT6A-110 turboprop engines. Only six were built by the time production ceased in the mid-1980’s.

Look for this model over at avsim (do1286v5.zip).   No word on FSX compatibility.  I am away from my main computer so I can’t give you any serious impressions until I get back home next week!  If you try it and love it, please leave a comment!

Dornier Do228 Coming Soon

Hi All,

On the heels of their MD-11 surprise, Premier Aircraft Design (PAD) posted a screenshot of an upcoming release, the Dornier Do228. The Do228 is a German twin turboprop utility aircraft with exceptional short-field performance. Manufactured between 1981 and 1998, it proved popular with airlines in the Caribbean and Africa, where short-field operations and conditions call for a rugged aircraft.

Check out their website for its release. Given their usual attention to detail and slight creative twist, this is going to be a hot download for flight simulator! There are no release dates set, so expect it sometime between now and later.




01sept08 – This has been released, so go grab it at the link above! 

A Quick Trip to Colorado!

Hi Loyal Readers,

I just got back from a very quick trip to central Colorado to deal with some family matters.  I haven’t been to Denver since I was born there (my parents left Denver when I was just one year old).    I must say, Colorado is a beautiful state.  Denver is sort of like Seattle, only with not quite so many wacko drivers, and much drier.  I visited Boulder and Estes Park (the Santa Barbara of the hills) before driving through Rocky Mountain National Park.  I am still amazed at the stunning scenery, both the rolling hills and meadow of Denver to the peaks and rock of the Rocky Mountains!

The wildlife was very lively as well (maybe that’s why they call it wildLIFE?) Above the tree line on the open tundra along the ridge, three elks made a showing as they grazed on the flowers.  I really think the elks came toward the road to laugh at the traffic jam they would create.  Tourists will do anything to get a picture, including stopping in the middle of the road suddenly without warning because the woman screamed Elk!  Anyway, I actually parked, changed lenses and walked to where the elk was to get the below picture. Yes, I am a nice obedient tourist that is considerate of others.


More pictures to come as I process them!

Two Big Releases for Flight Simulator

Hey Loyal Readers,

Two big FS updates from this weekend.  I am in the process of writing a more detailed post, but these new models are awesome and there is a lot to tell!

In the meantime, be aware that Project Opensky released their 777-200 version 2 and Allied FS Group released their very long awaited Caravelle.

1) Project Opensky
Release Announcement here
What: Boeing 777-200 version2

2) Allied FS Group
Forum is here with downloads on Flightsim and Avsim
What: Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle
Update: You can download the Caravelle via the Historic Jetliners Group (HJG)

Happy flying! Stay tuned for screenshots and a full review of each!

Update 23 September 2011: The links to Project OpenSky and AFG are no longer valid, so they have been removed.