Dornier 128-6 for FS9, Almost…

Speaking of Dornier aircrafts, Mathias Elsaesser released a nearly finished 128-6 “Servant” model for FS9.  Unfinished meaning that it is rough around the edges, but is worthy of some enjoyment in the simulator.  Despite its level of finito, I am happy to see such a unique aircraft available for us to enjoy.

Based on the Do27 single engine “bush” plane, the Dornier 128-6 is the production version of the Do28D-6X Turbo Skyservant prototype powered by two PT6A-110 turboprop engines. Only six were built by the time production ceased in the mid-1980’s.

Look for this model over at avsim (   No word on FSX compatibility.  I am away from my main computer so I can’t give you any serious impressions until I get back home next week!  If you try it and love it, please leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “Dornier 128-6 for FS9, Almost…

  1. Thanks for the kind words! “Unfinished” only pertains to the generally untextured interior, apart from the VC panels, and also some of the interior 3D is not quite correct yet.
    But sans my disappeard Greek GMax design partner Antonis “Anthony” Konstantinidis who has the modelling source files on his PC this will have to remain unfinished 😦
    FSX uses a new turbine engine starting variable from previous FS versions, plus it no longer tolerates FS98 gauges. Those are the two areas of FSX incompatibility I have found so far. I already have the coding for the FSX starter done, but quite a number of the central gauges were from FS98 times and not by me, so this will surely take some time to remake…

  2. Thank you for the detailed post! The model looks outstanding and have to thank you and your Greek design Partner Antonis for your hard work. I can’t wait to get back to home system and take it out for some touch and goes.

    I would think the unfinished portions are somewhat of a minute point in the grand scheme of things. I appreciate your willingness to release it as is. This is a truly unique aircraft brought to life for us to enjoy!

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