PAD’s Dornier Do228 Released

As I posted previously, Premier Aircraft Design (PAD) has been working on a Dornier Do228, which is now released.  Initial release includes two livery versions of Carribean Island Hoppers, Air Caraibes and Air Guadeloupe, available for both FS2004 (FS9) and FSX.  Also available for download on their Do228 page is the Arcus Air livery pictured below.  The usually eye candy is included with fully animated flaps, opening doors, full interior model, and virtual cockpit.

I took the FSX version of the Arcus Air Do228 (no longer available) out for some touch and goes at Madeira (LPMA) airport in Portugal and a short flight between Long Beach and Santa Barbara. They made for short hops, but it gave me a good idea for how this turboprop handles.

This is a wonderful aircraft that actually feels like a turboprop and must be flown with intention, not just slapped around; throttle position is extremely important, as is the pitch.  I found myself fighting for control initially and soon realized that making more minute adjustments and letting the Do228 react before making more adjustments was the way to go.  After getting the feel of her, she settled into the steep, banking approaches of both Madeira and Santa Barbara (SBA).  I have never enjoyed these approaches as much! While not exactly forgiving, the beauty and grace she gives you when treated right is beyond words!  Outstanding FDE work!

Diving for Madeira in PAD's Do228

Diving for Madeira in PAD's Do228 in early dawn light.

Leaving Madeira for another touch and go

Leaving Madeira for another touch and go

Cheers and Happy Flying!  I for one will be spending a lot more time in the virtual cockpit of this babe!

Update – 03spet08: The Italian Army livery has been released! Grab it from the Do228 download page!


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