Need inspiration for an FS flight plan?

I came across a new site today that isn’t your typical flight simulator add-on.  I guess, technically, it is not even an add-on.  Four Flights is a site that gives the user an option of four types of flight plans, LIFR, IFR, MVFR, and VFR.  Clicking the type of flight plan that you want brings up a random flight containing those conditions. The site is updated hourly and a blog is available.

For instance, I click on IFR to practice my IFR approaches.  The site suggested I start at KPIA in Peoria, Illinois and fly to KMFD in Mansfield, OH, where there is currently IFR conditions, a distance of 326nm.  While it does not give me a flight plan, I can input the departure and arrival airports into the FSX/FS9 flight planner, load real world weather and then have some fun.

While this site is not ground-breaking, its simplicity is a nice touch. It is truly a great resource for someone that would like to explore new parts of the simulated world, but are not quite sure where to start.  I am looking forward to spending more time exploring the simulated world with their flight plans.



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