Project Opensky Releases Their CRJ-700!

This one is awesome and I am stunned.  There is now a great reason to keep that install of FS9 a bit longer… Project Opensky released their CRJ-700!  It is available at their download page, but you should read their release announcement <here> first!   This release includes the advanced features debuted with their 777v2 series (XML animation) and includes American Eagle, Horizon, Frontier, and United Express liveries to boot. A sound package is in the works, so expect it to be available… well when it is available.

Horizon "OSU" CRJ-700 by Project Opensky leaving SBA.

Horizon "OSU" CRJ-700 by Project Opensky leaving SBA.

More to come after I get her installed and have a moment to put her through her paces. FSX compatibility is not known at the moment, but I imagine it will do okay.  It would be interesting to put this one back to back with Microsoft’s CRJ-700 and see how they stack up.


edit 9/15: added screenshot and assigned categories to post

9/16 update: SP1a has been released for the CRJ-700v3.  Grab it from POSKY’s download section.  This fixes some misaligned polygons.

9/17 update: POSKY released a sound set for the CRJ series.  Look for filename on avsim. While I am here, here is another screenshot, landing rwy 7, SBA:

landing, rwy 7, SBA

landing, rwy 7, SBA


5 thoughts on “Project Opensky Releases Their CRJ-700!

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  3. Do you know if anyone has released a mod for the CRJ7 that corrects the problem with the Fuel and Payload? The original release shows the center of balance stuck on the airplane nose.

  4. I think I found the solution. In Aircraft.cfg, changing
    /empty_weight_CG_position = -27, 0, 0


    /empty_weight_CG_position = -45, 0, 0

    produces the proper display. Cheers.

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