Westland Wyvern for FSX!

While I am not sure what to make of this airplane’s styling and handling, but the fact is that it has been stunningly modeled in FSX.  The Westland Wyvern S.4 is a multi-role, carrier based platform built for the British Naval Air Squadrons during the 1950’s.  It is powered by a Rolls-Royce turboprop engine with contra-rotating props.

While production ended in 1956, with the remaining units retired in 1958, the Wyvern played a major role in Operation Musketeer in 1956. The aircraft had issues with high g-forces causing fuel starvation on the carrier catapult, which led to the first and only under water ejection after the aircraft ditched on take-off and was cut in to two by the carrier’s bow.

The short three year life span of this aircraft certianly make it unique.  I am happy to see that Richard Ruscoe, Fraser Paterson, and Philip Chandler, among others, recreated this aircraft for FSX.  The exterior model is stunning and it features an outstanding virtual cockpit.  The dive brakes are just awesome, the contra-rotating props certainly indicate the power of the beast, and the large bubble canopy actually has rivtets!  Great work!

Westland Wyvern in the dawn light off the coast of Japan.

Westland Wyvern in the dawn light off the coast of Japan.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I am really not sure what to make of this bird.  While the model is beautiful, the high mounted cockpit, drooping fuselage and large tail really me wonder if a P-51 and a Pilatus PC-12 were morphed into one.

I took the Wyvern on a flight from Okinawa to Tokyo’s Narita airport.  Graceful isn’t exactly how I would describe the flight dynamics.  I found that banking required a lot of stick input and the trim to be quite sensitive.  Then I encountered some wind gusts off the coast of Japan which made for a hair-raising flight.   Then I noticed that I had consumed almost all of the fuel, which meant buzzing Narita tower on fumes (this is a short-range aircraft) and then circling to land.  Overall, I did find it fun to fly, but I think smooth flying will take some practice.

Aircraft: Westland Wyvern S.4
Author(s): Richard Ruscoe, Fraser Paterson, Philip Chandler
Filename: Wyvern_FSX.zip
File Size: 26.1 MB
Webiste/Download: here
Updates: None yet


One thought on “Westland Wyvern for FSX!

  1. cockpit canopy frosted out appart from frwd window. how can this be fixed? have uninstaled and reinstled with same result

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