Loving POSKY’s Embraer Legacy 600

We all know that Project Open Sky delivers stunning aircraft and ups the standard for modeling with each release.  While I have many favorites (a later post) for flight sim, I really enjoy taking the Embraer Legacy 600 out for a spin.  Its sexy lines, small size, reasonable fuel economy, and great handling really make this model one great choice to spend time with.  For this model, I prefer flying in FS2004/FS9, although the model does work well in FSX.

I took a brief flight from Santa Barbara (KSBA) to Las Vegas (KLAS) in POSKY’s Legacy, wrapped in a stunning Vegas themed repaint of N900EM (EVM Investments LLC ) by Samy Fay.  Heck, I am sure someone from Santa Barbara would enjoy a free ride to Vegas in a stunning business jet.

The day was a bit foggy as the passengers boarded and the crew prepared to depart.

N900EM prepares for departure are SBA (1920's terminal in the background)

N900EM prepares for departure are SBA (1920's terminal in the background)

After receiving clearance to Vegas, we depart runway 25 and back sharply left to the GOLET waypoint before proceeding on course.  The weather is brisk, but the fog ceiling is low, above is bright sunshine.  This will be a wonderful flight to Vegas.

Banking left to GOLET from runway 25, SBA.

Banking left to GOLET from runway 25, SBA.

After passing Palm Springs, it became clear that these passengers were not so ordinary.  They had not only consumed the $500 champagne, but the $700 caviar, and all of the bon bons!  We were quickly running out of treats, so I accelerated to max cruise so we can get them to the casino before they blow up and eat the entire airplane.

Cruising over Palm Springs

Cruising over Palm Springs

Before long, I happily start our descent into the Las Vegas valley. We area routed to 25L, but do to spacing issues with other aircraft, we extend our downwind toward Lake Meade.  Eventually, we make our 180 degree turn and pickup the ILS.  The weather is typical of southern Nevada, warm and clear.  The smooth air allows us to touch down hard, but without much fuss.

Touching down on 25L, KLAS with beautiful weather.

Touching down on 25L, KLAS with beautiful weather.

Taxiing to Las Vegas Executive Terminal seemed to take forever.  As we started a steady pace, we had to stop for cross traffic. Clearly the controllers are giving priority to airliners…  causing us to use more gas than we should.  After 20 minutes, we make it to the terminal so the passengers can deplane, catch their limo to the casino and spend some money.

Parked outside the Las Vegas Executive Air Terminal with the impressive skyline in the background.

Parked outside the Las Vegas Executive Air Terminal with the impressive skyline in the background.

I hope you enjoyed today’s flight.  Please make sure to check the seatback for personal belongings before deplaning!



8 thoughts on “Loving POSKY’s Embraer Legacy 600

  1. Well done, nice report!!
    Have a look at fsbrasil.wordpress.com – there are some stuff about the Legacy 600 there as well!!
    Keep it up!!

    • Escorgad,

      Thank you for expressing your opinion. The flight dynamics of POSKY aircraft have a love it or hate it following. I would encourage you to offer more constructive criticism, perhaps try modifying the dynamics yourself to produce something more to your liking. I would be happy to share your progress.

      Please note, I edited your comment. I don’t care to have profanities in the comments of this blog. In the future, please resist the use of such words.

      Thank you!

      A Reality of My Own

  2. You mention in your article that the LEgacy works well in FSX even though it’s an FS9 model. I cannot get it to work at all, even though the POSKY ERJ 145 worked straight away. Did you need to modify anything or can you tell me how you got it working?



    • Hi Micheal,

      In order for it to work in FSX, you need to change the alias of the sound and panel to those used by either the Learjet or the Boeing 737-800 model. It doesn’t work because it is looking for a sound and panel that is not there. For more information, check out this link to Simviation: http://www.simviation.com/fsxaircraftinstall.htm refer to the section “Aircraft Not Showing Up?”

      Hope this helps. It is a great aircraft and even better in FSX.

      A Reality Of My Own

  3. Aric,
    I downloaded your aircraft a year or so ago, and it has become one of my favorites. You did a fantastic job on the paint of the exterior.
    I wasn’t too familiar with the engine’s total available power, until on takeoff, wondered why I kept getting an over-speed warning on a steep climb-out after takeoff. Then I looked into the spes in the operators manual. Duh…..
    I was so taken by the great paint-job, that I ‘just hopped in and flew away…’
    Thanks for you work on this aircraft. When I have some spare time, I’ll look at your other work.

    • Dennis, Thank you for the comment. I am glad that you are enjoy the Legacy 600. It is a wonderful aircraft. Just to make sure credit gets where it is due, the aircraft is made by Project OpenSky and the paint is by Samy Fey. I just report the fun we can have with their models/liveries. -Aric

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