BSMP Releases BAe ATP

I am a huge fan of Blu-Sky Mine Productions‘ flight simulator models.  Their Saab 2000 for FS9 is just the right combination of visual model, frame rates, and FDE.  When they announced work on their latest release a year ago, I was quite excited.  The BAe ATP is classic British airliner pushed through the air by turboprops.

During the 1980’s many turboprop aircraft came to market following the 1970’s oil crisis.  Based on the Hawker Siddeley HS748, the BAe ATP was stretched and the Rolls Royce engines were replaced by more fuel efficient Pratt & Whitney engines.  It first flew in 1986 and found a home with a few UK airlines such as British Airways, and British Midland.  With other comparable aircraft on the market, such as the ATR-42 and de Havilland Dash-8, penetrating the short-range commuter market proved difficult.  Production ended in 1993, with only 67 aircraft produced.

I am in the process of downloading the aircraft.  Once I have a chance to run it through its paces, I will post a further review.  In the meantime, check out this cool video (cool video) and then head over to BSMP’s site and check out their forum.

Author: Blu-Sky Mine Productions
File name: (avsim)
File size: 42.8mb



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