Flight Simulator Goes Back Burner

ACES Studio laid off via FSInsider > Remarks

While layoffs are never easy to hear about, the layoff of the ACES studio, responsible for Flight Simulator, has taken us all by surprise.  Clearly this decision illustrates how Microsoft evolves with changing times. Economic slow downs force many companies to take a long hard look at resources, future opportunities and current product lines.  While Flight Simulator is a very successful Microsoft product, the resources required to keep it running must have been too great and without the revenue to back it up, leading to a redistribution of resources to other revenue generating projects.  The company I work for took this same action and it also took many of us by surprise.

I am saddened by this and feel bad for the third party developers that rely on Flight Simulator to grow their products.  However, I do not think the end of Flight Simulator is upon us. Developers will continue to develop new aircraft and other add-ons while consumers will continue to fly the friend virtual skies. Once the economy comes back around in five to ten years, Microsoft, I hope, will be redefining the virtual skies.  In the meantime, please buy some payware add-ons and keep the developers happy for just a bit longer.



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