Shorts 360 Now Available for Flight Simulator

The hard working crew at Premier Aircraft Design (PAD) has released another stunning example of their talent, the Shorts SD3-60 regional airliner.  Popular on regional flights, the 36-seat aircraft first flew in June 1981.  While not the fastest turboprop available, the 360 offered a great value for its price and performance.


PAD’s model is highly detailed with a fully modeled interior cabin, virtual cockpit and engine nacelles that look too real to be in a simulator.  The model handles predictably and I found it to be a joy to fly from the virtual cockpit.  In addition to the detailed model, a custom soundset brings a new sense of realism to the experience.   The model is available for FS9 and FSX from the PAD website.


Look for a more detailed review soon!




One thought on “Shorts 360 Now Available for Flight Simulator

  1. I do like the PAD models (they build types that no-one else does), but I do wish they would spend a little more time on their VCs – even just using higher resolution texture would help. But it looks like they are leaning that way, because the S360 VC looks a lot better that any of their previous ones.

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