Project Opensky’s E4B 747-200

Well, it seems that Project Opensky is constantly pulling surprises out of their virtual sleeves.  Today, POSKY released their version of the Boeing E4B, an advanced airborne command post.  The E4B’s purpose is to keep the United States functional by placing command in the air should something happen to ground based command units.  These play such an important role that they are capable of resisting an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and have special windows and insulation to help prevent radiation from leaking into the cabin. You get the picture…  worst case scenario.  Yes, these were developed during the 1970’s when the threat of nuclear war was very really.

Boeing E4B at Everett

Boeing E4B at Everett

Like most POSKY models, the E4B should work in both FS2004 and FSX, but was designed for fs2004 only.  FSX testing is pending.

Update Dec 1, 2012 – Sadly, the model is no longer available for download.  It is not listed on the POSKY Archive site and I can’t find it hosted anywhere else.

update 28jul09 – added screenshot.

4 thoughts on “Project Opensky’s E4B 747-200

  1. I saw this aircraft a few years back when President Bush visited Sydney. He (AF1 & Support aircraft) were in Sydney however the EB4 was stationed at Brisbane airport for a couple of days – fantastic. It was also accompanied by a 707 with an enormous array of antennae & ‘bubles/blisters’.

    • It would be great to see an EB4 in person. The only military Boeing that I saw in person was at Boeing Field (KBFI) where they had a heavily modified 707 parked near one of the hangars. The passenger door area had a large panel with circular depressions in it; almost looked like a radar array or something.

    • To my knowledge, no. Project Opensky was the original author. Whether or not an FSX model is created is up to the author. I know Hiroshi is busy with his 787, so I doubt one will pop-up anytime soon.

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