Need Some Inspiration!

Been thinking about taking the FSX Mooney Mite out for spin.  I haven’t flown it much since I reviewed the model after its release.  The M-18C Mite model for FSX is a superb, one of a kind model that I thoroughly enjoyed flying around central Texas and Mooney’s Kerrville factory.

However, I would like to engage my readers a bit more and would like you all to make suggestions on where I should the Mite next.  I will make a full report here after the flight as a Flight Report. I typically fly in the United States, but would be happy to expand my horizons to Asia, Australia, or any other part of the world.  There are really no restrictions on what I would choose other than it needs to be scenic.  Flying through the desert isn’t exciting for me.  I flew the Grand Canyon in a helicopter before and it has worn off.

So, where should I take the Mite for its next flight?


2 thoughts on “Need Some Inspiration!

  1. How about …

    – Nice-Cote d’Azur LFMN, over the alps and into Innsbruck LOWI.
    – Saint Maarten TNCM to Saba SABA.
    – Nth India to Lukla VNLK in the Himalayas.

    Perhaps if you don’t want to bend your Mite or break out in sweat then take for some short hops through Japan, Hawaii, or for something different Papua New Guinea.

    • Thanks Capt. Virtual! Those are great suggestions. While I have flown over the alps before, I haven’t done so in a small aircraft like the Mite. I also have never flown in India, so I have a feeling I might be posting multiple flight reports.

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