True FSX Antonov AN-124

Tom Ruth has been a very active flight simulator modeler, releasing many wonderful aircraft for FSX.   One of the largest releases to date by size is the Antonov AN-124 Ruslan.  Designed as a much larger Lockheed C-5 Galaxy, the AN-124 is a true cargo workhorse, hauling everything from tanks and troops, to locomotives and fuselages.  In fact, it is capable of hauling 508,000 pounds over a range of 2,900 nm.  Impressive.


Tom Ruth's Antonov AN-124 descending over Munich

Tom Ruth's Antonov AN-124 descending over Munich

The model is available in two liveries, Volga-Dnepr and white (paint kit).  One of the most impressive parts is the fully modeled cabin/cargo area and virtual cockpit with fully clickable switches. In addition to the main panel, the flight engineers’ section is also modeled, giving a total of six seats in this cockpit. It is great to “turn around” and see the detail of the virtual cockpit.  Another bonus is that while the switch labels have the look and feel of Russian, the words are actually English with a stylized font to appear more Russian. I won’t tell you what is inside the cargo area, but it is pretty cool.


Details of the model: full VC with engineers' station, exterior model with eye candy.

Details of the model: full VC with engineers' station, exterior model with eye candy.

Flying this behemoth take a little getting used to.  Not only are you sitting really high up, but the shear size of the aircraft makes is susceptible to cross winds.  Taxiing the aircraft is quite easy thanks to the steerable main gear and double nose gear.   One thing I noticed, and this might be a bug, is that the number 3 engine kept cutting out.  On short final into Munich, this made landing on the center quite difficult. I have not had time to troubleshoot it, so I hope that this was a minor glitch and not a true bug.

Overall, the Antonov AN-124 Ruslan for flight simulator X by Tom Ruth is a must have in the virtual hangar.   Not only because of the aircraft’s rarity, but how beautiful the model really is.  Flying it will take practice, but anytime we step outside our box into something new, we grow.  This AN-124 is a true FSX experience.


Ruslan wearing Dnepr-Volga clothes

Ruslan wearing Volga-Dnepr clothes

The model is available at Simviation (  You can also search Simviation and for his other models.


7 thoughts on “True FSX Antonov AN-124

  1. That Antonov of yours is awesome and I really really want to fly it. The problem is that I prefer to fly with fs2004 instead of FSX, my computer’s specifications are not that high to be able to play FSX. So, can you please make one that is compable with Fs9?


  2. @:Yahya = There is an FS9 version, but the FS9 version is the original model and has no VC. The panel has been aliased into Microsoft’s Boeing 747-400 panel and the sounds are ripped off from the 737-400. The FS9 version will not work properly with FSX, and mostly are just updates.
    The FSX version itself utilizes Microsoft’s Boeing 737-800 soundset.
    My version includes a GE soundset by Emil Serafino Jr.

      • Alex: The AN-124 from Thomas Ruth uses the default 737-800 sound set. There is an add-on sound set for FS9 that you can download from Avsim, search for the file:
        Cheers! Thank you for the question! Happy flying.

  3. I was looking for a model on avsim but no joy till google brought me here…thanks Tom for an excellent freeware package.

  4. Does anyone know how to make the nose bag cargo door open. I have seen pictures of this open on Google images and if you move the camera outside the VC the Nose door is there but when I try there is no response. Only the rear/tail cargo door(s) open.

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