Mac Meets FSX via Fusion

Many FSX pilots own Macs.  This means, that like me, you use a virtualization platform to run Windows within a partition on your MacintoshHD.   I personally use Boot Camp because it is free and I rarely need to run Mac programs in parallel with Windows.

To make a long story short, to check on the latest virtualizatoin news, I visited the blog for VMware Fusion; Team Fusion.  Boy was I surprised to see a post featuring FSX.  In a post titled MacWorld: First Look at VMWare Fusion 3, the team demonstrated the power of the virtualization graphics environment by running a demo of FSX. It appears to be mission where a CRJ makes a challenging approach to St Maarten. (Video below)

While the graphics didn’t seem to be set to a very high level, the fact that you could run Windows 7 and FSX from the Mac environment blows my mind.

Clearly the pilot flying the demonstration needs to learn how to fly.  Using the mouse to fly the CRJ is a little tough…  I hope that doesn’t mean joystick support has been left out?  I also wonder how FS2004 would look.

Anyway, I am off to buy Fusion 3.  How about you?


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