Project Airbus A380 Project Resumed

A while back, when Project Airbus announced stopping development of their upcoming Airbus A380 release, I was a little disappointed. Sure, other modelers have produced fairly decent versions of the massive, double-deck passenger plane for flight simulator, but none had the extensive detail that has become synonymous with FSX.

Well, I am no longer disappointed as Project Airbus recently restarted work on the A380.  Yes!

Project Airbus home page features a stunning A380 screen capture.

You can read their announcement here.  While no release date has been set, good things come to those who wait.  Looking at the screenshots in their forum, the A380 will impress!

Good news! While designed for FS9, compatibility with FSX is expected to be good.  Their current A320 family ports to FSX with minimal issues and a patch.


– Update 5/23/2010 – With WIP screenshots of repaints (oohh… Lufthansa!) in the forum and a lot of buzz around this wonderful A380 model, watch closely for a potential release.  While no release date has been announced, you might to check out the group’s activity as release nears.   Also, follow @projectairbus on twitter if you are a Tweetie!

– Update 6/29/2010 – This amazing A380 has been released.  Check out the A Reality of My Own release post here for links.


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