Anyone For A Vintage Swallow?

In the past few posts, the focus has been on jets and larger aircraft such as the C-17 cargo jet.  Well, maybe it is time to take a look at something a little slower… and a little smaller.

BA Swallow over Long Beach

The Swallow takes to the skies over Long Beach

Over at Classic British Files, there is a new release that caught my eye, the British Aircraft Co. Swallow modeled by Paul Gausden and Doug Kightley for FSX.

This 1930’s popular aircraft proved to be very robust and safe, which gave it a home with both the Royal Air Force and the Royal New Zealand Air Force. Its 85 hp radial engine propels the aircraft to a top speed of 90 knots.  Not fast, but then in 1930, getting off the ground was considered to be a delight.

Head on over to Classic British Files, download this beauty and give her a spin around the virtual world.  <direct download>


(wikipedia reference)


One thought on “Anyone For A Vintage Swallow?

  1. Could you please email me a copy of the FSX BA Swallow 2? The Classic British Files website seems to be dead!

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