Helping JetBlue Celebrate 10 Years

For the past ten years, JetBlue has provided cheap, safe, and entertaining air travel to the masses.  Compared to the mainstream airlines like United and Continental, this is just a heartbeat.  Founded in February 1999, JetBlue focused on providing cheap airfare with a model very much like that of Southwest, but differentiated itself with in-flight entertainment, TV and satellite radio.   The airline sought “to bring humanity back to air travel.”  Ten years later, JetBlue continues strong and has a cult following.  <reference>

To help JetBlue celebrate, Joe Shimmel painted up a breathe-taking 10th anniversary livery for the Project Airbus A320 model.

JetBlue 10th Anniversary livery over Long Beach, CA, FSX

Who knew so many tens could be such a beautiful thing?

Note: This download includes the Project Airbus version 1 A320 model.  When you port it to FSX, the antennas show as holes.   To fix this, head over to the Project Airbus FSX download page and grab the version 2 model, overwriting the original in the model folder.

Author: Joe Schimmel
Model by:  Project Airbus
Filename:  <avsim>
Size: 8,543kb


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