A 747 To Play LaserTag

I don’t think I would actually want to play laser tag with such a big laser, but Project Opensky‘s recent release will let us play in the virtual skies. You can read the press release here and download the model here.

YAL-1A from Project Opensky

Yes, Airborne Laser 1, the test bed for America’s next generation missile defense system, is available for FS2004 (fs9).   YAL-1A is a modified Boeing 747-400F mounted with a megawatt-class “chemical oxygen iodine laser” (COIL) that can shoot down various unfriendly missiles.<wikipedia>

Firing the YAL-1A laser

Not only does this aircraft have the normal detail and animations expected from Project Opensky, but the added animation of the COIL and its ability to “fire” takes it to an even higher level.  Hitting Shift+E+7 on the keyboard brings up the gauge panel containing the controls.  It takes some getting used to, using two different +/- buttons to set orientation.  The provided situational graphics are a little difficult to interpret when first start moving it around.  But, take a few moments, get used to it and then fire away!

So, head on over to Project Opensky’s site and get this model…  the kid in you will thank you!



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