The Project Airbus A380 Release 24hrs Later!

I am a Business Analyst.  Numbers fascinate me!  Patterns fascinate me!

When I was taking a look at the Avsim File Library this evening, I decided to take a look at “Yesterday’s Hot Files,” I was not surprised to see the Project Airbus A380 dominating the downloads.

Clear Winner!

What did surprise me was the popularity of the different paints.  For some reason I was expecting Emirates to be on top.  I was wrong, Air France was tops by over 300 downloads (total 1351). Number two was Singapore at 1,023.  Next was the House Colors at under 968. Both Emirates liveries ranked last…  boy was I wrong.

Where does your favorite A380 livery rank? (click for larger image)

Note that the third and sixth ranking download is not a Project Airbus A380, but the wonderful Enigma Simulations BAe ATP packs.  If you haven’t flown either of these aircraft, download them and fly them ASAP!


Enigma Simulations Releases BAe ATP

Today is turning out to be a huge flight simulator day. Not only did Project Airbus release their long awaited Airbus A380, but Enigma Simulations released their British Aerospace ATP model for FS2004 (FS9).

I haven’t had a chance to download and install it yet, but the screenshots, documentation, and buzz surrounding the release indicates that this is one awesome bird.  It even has its own sound pack!

Check out the Enigma Simulations website for more information and download links.


Project Airbus A380 Released!

Short and sweet, the Airbus A380 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is out!   Check out this announcement for download!  Looks like it is also on avsim as well.

The Biggest Project Airbus To Date!

More later…  I am so going to take the day off from work for this one!  Woohoo!   Mark this day in history!

Project Airbus A380 on Final?

If you are both an Airbus fan and a fan of Microsoft Flight Simulator, you are probably already familiar with Project Airbus.  You are also probably already aware that they have been working on the best freeware A380 models for flight simulator for many, many years.

Well, I just popped over to the PA site and am wondering how near the A380 release is.  In their Preview & Announcements forum, there are some very jaw dropping screenshots of the A380 wearing Air France, Qantas, and Emirates clothing.  Head over and take a look.  But wait…

With previews appearing in their forum and a tweet on Twitter that says “cabin crew, seats for landing“, one can’t help but think that a release is near.  Of course, the actual release date is only for the wonderful developers of Project Airbus, but it is time for you and me to check their site daily… release must be near!


Update:  The release was very, very near.  The Airbus A380 is now released, you can grab it at Avsim.  You can also read the A Reality Of My Own announcement here.

An Improved Industry Icon Enters Flight Simulator

The 747-8F Intercontinental Freighter is the next generation freighter that brings the classic industry icon into the new century and beyond.  The popular 747 family set a new standard when it entered service in early 1970.  Its unique partial double deck design and tall stabilizer remind many of a whale, the whale that represents international travel.

With the economy on a downward spiral, commercial travel as competitive ever, and an aging platform, Boeing responded to its customers’ needs for a more efficient, larger aircraft that can haul more passengers and/or freight on less fuel, all the while being a little quieter. Enter the 747-8 Intercontinental, an extensive refresh of 747-400 with next generation engines, new wings, and an extended fuselage.

The 747-8F leaves Everett

Project Opensky has been developing models for Microsoft Flight Simulator for many, many year now.  Their focus on the Boeing family brings the mainstream, workhorse airliners, such as the 737 and 777, to our desktops. Completing the 747 family is the 747-8F which joins the AL-1, Air Force One, and the other 747 variants in POSKY’s download library.

The 747-8F is a beautiful bird and meets the high quality expectations that POSKY is known for.  My only nitpick is that the model does not include a virtual cockpit, which makes flying in FSX a little limiting.   What really impresses me is the wing flex.  Taking off from Everett, I watched in awe as the wings created lift, rose before the fuselage and then gracefully lifted the large airplane into the air!

For more information on POSKY’s release of the Boeing 747-8F, read this announcement.  It is also available for download in their library.  Note, if you intend to use this model in FSX, please download the FSX model package in addition to the base pack.