The Project Airbus A380 Release 24hrs Later!

I am a Business Analyst.  Numbers fascinate me!  Patterns fascinate me!

When I was taking a look at the Avsim File Library this evening, I decided to take a look at “Yesterday’s Hot Files,” I was not surprised to see the Project Airbus A380 dominating the downloads.

Clear Winner!

What did surprise me was the popularity of the different paints.  For some reason I was expecting Emirates to be on top.  I was wrong, Air France was tops by over 300 downloads (total 1351). Number two was Singapore at 1,023.  Next was the House Colors at under 968. Both Emirates liveries ranked last…  boy was I wrong.

Where does your favorite A380 livery rank? (click for larger image)

Note that the third and sixth ranking download is not a Project Airbus A380, but the wonderful Enigma Simulations BAe ATP packs.  If you haven’t flown either of these aircraft, download them and fly them ASAP!


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