X-Plane’s Santa Barbara

For the past few months, I have been a proud owner of X-Plane, the “alternative” flight simulator.   With the demise of the Microsoft Flight Simulator Development team,  I, like many other people, took advantage of discounted pricing and purchased X-Plane.   While it takes a little getting used and a fair amount of configuration, X-Plane offers a competitive package to the MSFS products.  But this post isn’t about comparing MSFS to X-Plane.

No, in fact, this post is about me showing my delight to finally have my hometown airport available for X-Plane.  Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (KSBA) has been beautifully modeled by Partnair and is available for download at x-plane.org.

Approaching Santa Barbara over Summerland

While not as detailed as Al Wheeler’s Central Coast Scenery of the MSFS products, it is far better than the empty default scenery in X-Plane.  There are things like rows of trailers parked in the short-term parking lot and some detail around the tower is missing, but the big pieces are there!  The tower, the antique passenger terminal, the T-hangers, and the runways (of course!).   I hope that with future development, this scenery can be improved upon.

Baron at SBA's passenger terminal.

Who knows, maybe someday this scenery will include the new terminal which is currently under construction.  The two story, modern building provides a much needed update to the crammed, inhospitable terminal of today.

No matter what, updates or not, this scenery has made me revisit the X-Plane simulator.  I am looking forward to spend many more hours flying its alternative skies and making countless approaches into Santa Barbara… after all, this is X-Plane’s Santa Barbara.


Note: The Beechcraft Baron 58 is by Alcala-Sim and is available for X-Plane 9.x at this link.


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