Carenado’s Mooney in X-Plane

Finally got a chance to take the Mooney M20J by Carenado out for a spin in X-Plane 9.  This model for FS9 and FSX is one of my favorite of all times not only because it is a Mooney Aircraft, but because Carenado is one of the top modellers in the add-on flight simulator market.

The M20J in X-Plane is a pilot's virtual dream!

So, what can I say about the M20J in X-Plane?  One word…  speechless.  This model is impeccably executed from the eye candy right down to the realism.  This model takes the best of FSX and combines it with the best of X-Plane for a breathe-taking virtual pilot experience.

Go get it… the $25 you will pay is worth every moment of joy flying.

Aircraft: Mooney M20J
Author: Carenado
Cost: $24.95
Purchase Link: X-Plane Store


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