Historic Jetliners Group October Update

The talented modelers at Historic Jetliners Group (HJG) continue to crank out outstanding work that bring historic, jet-powered aircraft to life in flightsim.   I’ve been a huge fan of theirs since I began flying in FS2000. Their DC-8’s and Convairs are two of my favorite aircraft that see regular flight time.

Updated on October 26th, their website contains some new goodies for us to enjoy:

  1. New 727-200 textures that include Eastern Airlines, AVENSA, and Blue 1
  2. DC-9 textures including various SAS registrations and recent Ameristar colours
  3. The DC-9’s also receive updated base packs and panel packages.

It is without a doubt that you must head over and immediately grab these files <HJG home>.  Your eyes, your heart, your joystick, and that inner aviator inside you will thank you!



Poll: What Is Your Favorite Time to Fly?

Now that my recent poll regarding your favorite simulator is well underway, I thought I would ask another question.

What is your favorite time to fly?

Some of are night owls and love flying at night, after all the stars are amazing and the lights glow below us.   Yet, some morning people might be up before the sun, catching the sunrise from 6,000 feet.  Whatever you favorite time is, please let us know.

Also, please leave a comment describing why you voted the way you did.  What makes that time a favorite?

A Boeing 717

Historic Jetliner’s Group continues to expand its collection of historic jet-powered commercial aircraft.  Its latest addition to the already large collection is the Boeing 717.

Retired fairly recently from production, the 717 has its roots all the way back to the DC-9 airframe.  After the Boeing purchase of McDonnell-Douglas, the 717 was the longest running carry over airframe from the MD family, which is testament to its importance as a regional airliner in the spoke and wheel route structure. The last two 717 rolled off the Long Beach assembly line in 2006, making this modern jetliner historic.

HJG's new Boeing 717 in TWA colors

Wonderfully modeled for Flight simulator 2004, I took HJG’s 717 for a spin from St. Louis to New Orleans in TWA colors.  While I couldn’t stop thinking that the cockpit looks like the Space Shuttle, the B717 eye candy kept me interested.  Both ground handling and flight dynamics were impressive.

Head on over to HJG’s website and grab the B717 in your favorite livery.