Project Opensky has Closed, Welcome FSPro

Update 12/01/12: There is a new site up called, Project Opensky Archive, which contains all of the original Project Opensky (POSKY) files.  In Addition, the FreeSky Project domain has expired.  If  anyone has any news, please leave a comment.

Update 09/01/12: Additional Facebook sites have been added to cover an updated POSKY Boeing 777 model and the release of the CRJ-1000.  Below are links to the corresponding page depending on the aircraft model you are looking for:

Boeing 777 ~ SkySpirit2012 – 777

Bombardier CRJ-1000 ~ SkySpirit2012 – CL Series

Boeing 767 ~ SkySpirit2010

Boeing 747-8i(f) ~ SkySpirit2011

Project Opensky Archive Site ~

Update 10/30/11: Free Sky Project is no longer supporting the Project Opensky models.  The models are available for download from the original Project Opensky site (site has expired as of 8/1/12).  Free Sky Project has moved on to other unknown projects for fs.  The Lockheed L1011 is dead, but you can get one from Historic Jetliners Group.

Update 2/14/11: This post has been updated with more accurate information regarding the status of SkySpirit2010.  The SkySpirit2010 Facebook group is only active to support the 767 model. Please keep all discussions and posts to the group limited to the 767 model only.   All other models in development will be released under a different group(s) when they are formed.

Update 2/16/11: Previews of the Boeing 747-8I by Hiroshi are now available at a new Facebook group called SkySpirit2011.

–original post—

All good things must come to an end.  Shortly, the group known as Project Opensky, one of the best flight simulator freeware add-on developers, has closed its doors.  For reasons that I will not mention here, the group has disbanded.

However, for every end, there is a new beginning.  A few members of Project Opensky are taking ownership of maintaining the files and continuing operation under the name of Free Sky Project (FSPro).  They are currently in the process of launching a new website and forum, so be patient over the next few days as they ramp up.

Note the aircraft under development with Project Opensky are not going to be released under the new group. Hiroshi created the SkySpirit2010 group to release and support the 767 model only.  All future aircraft will be released under a yet to be named group.  

It is with some sadness and great admiration that I bid farewell to Project Opensky.  For so many years, they have set the standard for freeware flight simulator add-ons that it is safe that they have dramatically shaped the freeware community into what it is today.

With an open mind, great respect, and a tad bit of curiosity, I welcome the FSPro team.  I am looking forward to flying their work and hope they will continue the spirit set by POSKY.



7 thoughts on “Project Opensky has Closed, Welcome FSPro

    • I was researching it last night and couldn’t find anything new on their status. At best, the developers split up and are doing their own development under their own names.

      If I find anything, I’ll add an update to the post.

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