Historic Jetliner Group Adds a Lockheed

The Historic Jetliners Group (HJG) does it again.  One of my most favorite aircraft is now officially released and available for Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9).  Its distinctive tail and nose make this aircraft stand out on the tarmac.

With its first flight in 1970 and production ceasing in 1983, only 250 of these remarkable aircraft were built.  In fact, the Lockheed L1011 was one of the most advanced and safest aircraft for its time. The wide body, tri-jet can seat up to 400 and fly them about 3,500 nm.

Recently released on the Historic Jetliners Group (HJG) website is the L1011 in -1, -100, and -200 variants.  The model is Erick Cantu’s wonderful work, with the FDE and textures developed by the talented HJG team.

A full review will be coming soon… for now, head over and grab your favorite variant and livery!

Historic Jetliners Group


2 thoughts on “Historic Jetliner Group Adds a Lockheed

  1. Got the base pack as well as an Air Canada livery for the -200 a little while ago. This one is definitely the best HJG release so far (with the exception of the outside-sourced Caravelles). The panel is excellent and the visual model is top-notch. It’s well worth it, and is better than some payware aircraft I have tried.

    • Agreed. Erick Cantu did a great job with the visual model and the HJG team did a superb job on the panel, liveries, sounds, and FDE.

      I can’t wait to take it on another flight!

      It will be interesting to see what the FreeSky Project does with the visual model that they are modifying. We will soon have two great models to choose from.

      Cheers! -Aric

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