SkySpirit2010 Releases Boeing 767

The restructuring of the old Project Opensky team into two separate teams is perhaps one of the best things to hit the flight simulator since FSX.  I say this with great respect for POSKY and its members, but seeing the group split into two, FSPro and SkySpirit2010, means more great stuff for us enthusiasts.

While FSPro has a Lockheed L1011 model in the works, SkySpirit2010 is continuing on where POSKY left off (its Hiroshi, afterall) by continuing work on the Boeing models.

Turning to course for LAX

In fact, SkySpirit2010 recently released their Boeing 767-300 model.  Available in numerous liveries on both and, with or without winglets, this 767 will leave you drooling.

So, watch’a waitin’ for?  Go get it!  Search “skyspirit2010” on either or or visit the SkySpirit2010 team on Facebook.

I’ll have a more detailed review once I have a chance to put this baby through her paces!



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