Skies Are For Flying

Skies are not just for birds.  The human race has conquered the planet, so now we can travel faster than the birds in a wide variety of aircraft, from slow LSA to supersonic military jets and everything in between.  The purpose of this post is to do nothing else besides offer up some eye candy on why “skies are for flying”.  Screenshots are from FS9, FSX, and X-Plane. Enjoy!

The Project Airbus A380 gliding through the FS9 sky.

The brilliant 757 flying through the X-Plane skies.

The FSX FSND MD-83 banking to course in the brilliant sky.

Historic Jetliners Group’s (HJG) 717 greeting the morning sun.

The X-Plane Learjet 23 shooting through the sky at mid-day.

The Carenado Mooney M-20J during an awesome X-Plane sunset.

Project Opensky CRJ-900 v3 turning toward final at London City in FS9.

What is your favorite “Skies are for Flying” moment?


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