Carenado’s Cessna C340II is Out!

If you are a fan of Carenado like me, then just about anything they publish, you will buy.  Its not because they have some strange power over us, but because they produce some of the best payware models available for FS9, FSX, and X-Plane.

Taking off Runway 1 - Paso Robles, CA

So, now that they officially released their Cessna C340II for FSX in HD, you simply must run over to their website and check it out.

< Carenado Cessna C340II >

I took the C340II out for a test flight from Paso Robles, CA to Santa Barbara, CA.  I am highly impressed with the model, fully functional virtual cockpit and cabin, and flight dynamics.  The C340II lifted off the runway effortlessly and flew well.  I can only describe the FDE as having the feel of a larger aircraft, perhaps the Cadillac of the skies as opposed to a Mazda.  Still, the aircraft responded well to inputs and nothing too unpredictable happened.

A view of Paso Robles from the "office".

The only criticism I can offer is that the price tag seems a little steep at $34.95.  I am used to flying mainly freeware add-ons, so that could be why.  Still, the level of model detail inside and out is superb and it comes with a number of repaints in HD.  There are also a number of preset aircraft views (below is one example) to choose from.  Perhaps, the true value comes to those who will spend countless flying this add-on.  How much do you pay for memories? According to Mastercard, they are priceless.

AN example of the many views, Santa Maria is below.

I am looking forward to a much longer flight in this bird and am planning a cross country flight.  Maybe a flight from Santa Barbara to Aspen, CO would be a good way to really put his bird through its paces.  In the meantime, head over to Carenado and grab this bird (link above).


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