Sky Spirit 2011 Releases An Intercontinental

Not long after the real Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental took to the skies for the first time, Sky Spirit 2011 releases their exquisite model for FS2004.  To keep this brief, I will simply say, head over to and search for

The file description.

So, what are you waiting for, go get it!

Leaving Anchorage

Update 22mar2011 – Loaded it up in FS9 and took it for a brief flight around Anchorage.   Initial thoughts:

  1. The exterior model is gorgeous!
  2. Taxiing takes practice as steering can be tricky depending on speed, etc.
  3. Take off requires proper flap and trim or else you’ll end up in the bushes.
  4. This thing needs a panel and sound set.

Update 4/24/11 – The official paint kit is now available and can be downloaded here, if you want to try a paint for yourself.   There is a very active discussion going on over at the SkySpirit2011 Facebook page regarding repaints and previews.


14 thoughts on “Sky Spirit 2011 Releases An Intercontinental

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  2. Everything just stunning! Just one problem – I have been simming now for years and no matter what I do I cannot get this a/c off the ground neither with my joystick or with the old fashioned keyboard inputs!! I am totally stumped – is this payware – or am I just missing something – can you help???
    No matter what I do all surface controls work EXCEPT the elevator!! Help me!!?? Regards Mike

    • Michael,

      This questions is asked a lot about the SkySpirit2011 747-8i. The way to get it off the ground is to use a lot of trim. With enough trim, the aircraft with lift off the runway without any further input.

      Secondly, check the weight and make sure you are not over maximum take off weight. If you are, dump fuel and/or passengers until the aircraft weight is less than maximum takeoff weight.



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  4. I recently downloaded the Skyspirit2011 747-8i aircraft. I noticed food service trucks in the textures of the individual aircraft. How are these activated with the plane on the ground?

    • Paul, To activate the food trucks, open the “Posky Util” panel. On this panel are all of the options for the eye candy, including the food trucks. I believe you want to click the “ct” button. Cheers!

  5. I just downloaded the American Airlines texture for the Skyspirit2011 747-8i and the entire right side of the plane is black as are the engine pods. I noticed in the texture file, the Os748body_r_t is missing. Is this the cause and will a fix become available.
    Beautiful planes! Thank you.

    • It sounds like an issue with your graphics card or display settings. I’d suggest posting a screenshot over at the SkySpirit2011 Facebook page for help. My knowledge of the intricate graphic options is somewhat limited. There a bunch members over there that can help you out. You can also try and email the painter directly… their email should be in the readme file included with the paint. Hope you can get it fixed…. the American Airlines livery looks pretty sweet.

  6. Pro Flight Simulator is presently my preferred flight simulator online. It may not be the prettiest flight simulator but there is nothing I�ve discovered yet that compares to the level of realism that it has. It is essentially a flight school simulator designed for your home PC.

  7. Please design an American Airlines skin using the new American Airlines logo for the SSP748v4_GENX_N6067E. This B747-8 model is one of the few free downloads that are really fantastic it is payware quality and you guys are the greatest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best regards,
    Hugh Byrd

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