Sometimes, You Just Need a Virtual Sunset

So life has been a tad stressful as of late. What does one do?

Fly circles around Puget Sound at 100 knots in the Turbine Duke at sunset.

Real Air Turbine Duke over Puget Sound

One of the most serene and beautiful flights I’ve had in a long time.



Project Airbus Releases the Long One

I have heard the Airbus A321 referred to as the “flying pencil.”  A friend of mine even refers to it as the “flying penis.”  However, you refer to it, it is now available for Flight Simulator, both FS9 and FSX.

The Project Airbus A321 is the fourth variation of the A32X family of aircraft manufactured in Europe.  The A321 joins the A318, A319, and A320 for your flying enjoyment and has the same incredible visual model Project Airbus is known for delivering.

Project Airbus A321-231 leaving LAX in FS9

It is available on Avsim (links here) and via the Project Airbus downloads section of the website.  A word of caution however, packages are split into base packages and repaints.  You must download at least one livery with the base package.

Lufthansa Retro A321 over Germany

Now for the more complicated part, the livery instructions require precise file placement and the execution of a .bat file. I tried three liveries and couldn’t get any of them to work.  My advice, extract the texture files, add the configuration code to the aircraft.cfg, and copy the texture files included in the base package to the texture folder.  Anyway, good luck!

On approach to SEA-TAC in FSX

This is one sweet aircraft that works well in FSX and FS9.

01dec12 – updated links to the new Project Airbus website