The BBJ Design Group Delivers a Heavy

Airliners like the Boeing family of jets, such as the 737 and 777, typically fly wearing a corporate livery.  Delta, American, and Southwest are just a few of the airlines operating heavy metal in the commercial realm.  But not all jets are operated commercially, and many have found their way to the private sector.

777 VIP by BBJ Design Group

Hence, the BBJ family from Boeing.  Airbus has the ACJ family and many other jets have been converted to be an ultimate private airliner (the Playboy DC-9 is a great example).   While most of us will never see the inside of such a jet, flight simulator opens up some possibilities for traveling on cloud 9.

The 777 VIP turns to course.

Enter the BBJ Design Group, a group formed to focus on private repaints for some of the top models for flight simulator.   Their first release is the Boeing 777 VIP (see screenshots) livery for the POSKY Boeing 777-300 model.

I took it out for a flight from Sea-Tac to Dublin, Ireland and have to say that this is quite an impressive paint job.  While it mimics the Dreamliner livery Boeing introduced a few years back, the gold and blue combination is truly luxurious and compliments the 777 lines well.

They are continuing work on a 747-8i VIP livery, which is going to a be great compliment to the SkySpirit2011 model.  They are also working on a VIP livery for the 777-200 and a 737-BBJ livery to boot.

As the group’s first release, they did an awesome job and I am looking forward to their next release.


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