First Impressions of A340 for X-Plane

There is a new Airbus A340-600 model out for X-Plane, brought to us by the team at The X-Plane Paintshop.  This model is based off of the FSX A340 model from Thomas Ruth, with a host of others contributing to its greatness.

XPP A340-600 over Santa Barbara

XPP A340-600 over Santa Barbara

I am still in the process of putting “the long one” through its paces, so I will limit this post first impressions.  The exterior model, like the FSX counterpart, is nicely detailed and highly accurate.  The 2D panel is the full width (as opposed to the pilot of first officer view) and provides easy access to the autopilot and contains the “glass” gauges typical of an Airbus.

The only drawback are the twitchy flight dynamics.  I have not flown a real A340 and have only spent about 20 minutes flying this model, but I found that is noses up and down easily.  This may have been due to weather, but I found it very difficult to trim the aircraft for straight and level flight.  More testing here to come!

You may download the aircraft and livery pack from the X-Plane Paintshop download page.  Registration is required, but its super simple and free (so don’t complain!).



2 thoughts on “First Impressions of A340 for X-Plane

    • Kate, Great question… I believe Air Canada uses Hawaii as a stop from Sydney to destinations in Canada. Since so few US operators fly the A340, I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t get to Hawaii from the US mainland except for special charters. Still, this is A Reality of My Own, so anything goes in my virtual world. 😉 – Aric

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