A Weekend Sim Moment

This weekend I purchased the DeHavilland Dash8-Q400 by FlyJSim for X-Plane and took it out on a series of test flights in the southwest USA.

Dash8-Q400 for X-Plane by FlyJSim

This is one spectacular aircraft and the moment that made the purchase worth it for me was maneuvering to final at KSAT in the late afternoon sunlight.  Banking through turns, monitoring instruments and watching the scenery the go by was an experience like no other.

The Virtual Cockpit of the FlyJSim Dash8

There is plenty more to come as I explore the world with my new realistic, model of the Dash8, but this is one moment I will never forget.



A Boeing Never Built for MSFS

Hiroshi Igama, a modeler for the SkySpirit2010 group, is a seriously talented modeler.  In his spare time, he cuts the 767-200 fuselage 66 inches and releases a plane that Boeing never built.  A plane being referred to as the 767-100 is now available for download.

The Boeing 767-100 by SkySpirit2010

BUT, since this was a side project, the 767-100 is represented in visual model only.  In fact, the package available for download uses the -200 FDE, so the contact points and fuel burn are not of the -100 model.

Even still, I must say that this “little guy” will grow on you.  Quite possibly the handsome brother to the Airbus A310, the Boeing 767-100 will likely make a magnificent BBJ-variant for those “haves” in the world.

Turning southwest in the late evening sun

So, if you are up for a sense of adventure in FS9/FS2004, take this Boeing baby out for a flight and enjoy a model that Boeing never built.