A Boeing Never Built for MSFS

Hiroshi Igama, a modeler for the SkySpirit2010 group, is a seriously talented modeler.  In his spare time, he cuts the 767-200 fuselage 66 inches and releases a plane that Boeing never built.  A plane being referred to as the 767-100 is now available for download.

The Boeing 767-100 by SkySpirit2010

BUT, since this was a side project, the 767-100 is represented in visual model only.  In fact, the package available for download uses the -200 FDE, so the contact points and fuel burn are not of the -100 model.

Even still, I must say that this “little guy” will grow on you.  Quite possibly the handsome brother to the Airbus A310, the Boeing 767-100 will likely make a magnificent BBJ-variant for those “haves” in the world.

Turning southwest in the late evening sun

So, if you are up for a sense of adventure in FS9/FS2004, take this Boeing baby out for a flight and enjoy a model that Boeing never built.


4 thoughts on “A Boeing Never Built for MSFS

  1. Thankyou for writing this
    I’ve been reading your blog several times.

    And yes 767-100 is a side project so it’s not official.
    There was no data even could found for the range too.
    So what I did is moved the nose gear contact point and also made the structure weight less (I made it less , calculated from -200 -> -300 increase)
    Also passenger capacity(weight) and cargo container(weight) less too.
    The only info I gathered was about 30 seats less then -200 and American wanted.
    So had to calculate from how short it should be and cutting off front and rear 66inch matched about 1 contaner and 30 economy seats.
    So cutted those sections.

    There where many notes on the book written about there was a plan -100.
    But never saw a picture.
    Ofcourse picture with T wing there was but I beleive that was not the final.
    So , as a Boeing Fan I wanted to build this some day.
    Guess but not from a impression and make it 3D.

    If you download the set again now , will have it at Boeing colors.
    Well it’s just a plain paint so not like a paint work of painters but may be better then all white.

    • Hiroshi, Thank you for your comment and additional details! The -100 is truly unique and we are all happy to have in our hangars! -Aric

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