Initial Thoughts on X-Plane 10

Update 12nov12: I wrote this post shortly after the initial release of X-Plane.  I didn’t have the best experience with the initial beta products.   However, almost a year has gone by and X-Plane 10 has evolved into a mainstream offering.   I am working on an update to this post and encourage everyone reading this to take these comments with a grain of salt.  If you just downloaded/installed X-Plane 10, grab the updated installer from the website and run the update as there are a lot fixes available.  Cheers! 

–begin original post–

Let me start by saying that my experience with X-Plane 10 was one of the most frustrating experiences I have ever had with a piece of software in my entire life.

Customer Experience Failure

I’ll skip the blow by blow, but the simple task of downloading X-Plane 10 web demo was a Thanksgiving nightmare, followed by the inability to even start the program, and finishing with such low frame rates, that I thought my monitor was showing me an old 8mm film. Then came a number of web updates and the requirement to download an installer from the website to install the DVDs.

The overall experience was a far cry from a smooth roll out of a new product. Clearly Laminar Research was not prepared for the release of software that still needed more testing and fixes prior to release.

X-Plane Eye Candy

With the full version of X-Plane 10 installed and about 20 hours dickering around with the rendering options, I have finally reached a point of content with X-Plane 10.  So, I thought I would post some screenshots of my initial testing.

The settings for my ’08 iMac

The trick to getting decent frame rates from X-Plane 10 is to turn EVERYTHING off and then start turning options back on and up.  It is a frustrating and lloooonnnngggg task.  Austin should design a little program that can set rendering options based on computer settings.  But then again, Austin is not that cool.

Challenger 300 at Sunset over Puget Sound

But after spending a lloooonnnngggg and frustrating time dickering with the rendering options, I was able to install one of my favorite X-Plane aircraft, the Challenger 300 by Ddenn Design, and fly from KPAE to KSEA and experience a few of the new X-Plane features.

The Stinson L5S, a very close cousin to the Piper Cub in FSX

I also realized that Laminar Research has clearly marketed X-Plane 10 as a direct alternative to FSX or Flight.  Included in the web demo are the Baron, a King Air C90B, and the Stinson L5S.  Similar aircraft in my default FSX hanger.  I was sad to see the Piper Malibu missing.

Initial Thoughts

My initial thoughts on X-Plane 10 are mixed.  While it represents a revolutionary step forward in simulation software, the customer experience of downloading the demo, installing it, and configuring it is down right atrocious. As an customer advocate, Laminar Research might have an awesome product, but the experience to use it is the pits.

To Buy or Not To Buy?

Is X-Plane 10 a “do not buy” product, as I stated in my tweet?  At this time, I will say that if you are willing to invest countless frustrating hours getting it configured and you own a powerful computer, buy it!

If you are an FSX user, I recommend waiting for Microsoft Flight, which will offer a far superior customer experience and better support. Since Microsoft has killed off Flight (rightfully so), the best alternative to X-Plane 10 is Prepar3D, despite its steep price tag.

For me, I paid $80 for this thing, so it will sit on my computer along side X-Plane 9.7, taunting me to mortgage my house so I can buy a super computer to properly run it. Until then, X-Plane 9.7 wins.


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  1. Typical of Laminar and the mentality of the author, rather than de-bug the product before it leaves the gate, the author expects all of the customers to de-bug it for him. Maybe a year from now the bugs will be rung out, it took longer than that to work out the bugs in 9x and it still is buggy. Laminar has never finished a solid product.

    • Hi Capt Kurt,

      I certainly agree that Laminar Research expects users to help them continually fix the product. I think this is the case with most any software product on the market. However, to release such an infant product and charge $80 for it is appalling. Maybe I am not the typical X-Plane customer, but Laminar Research is targeting FSX users with this release; users that expect a polished product.

      As for the issues that I pointed out in my post, beta 3 fixed many of them and an add-on called Urban Maxx (available at also greatly improves the experience. I am working on a follow-up post to clarify some of my views.


      • Aric,

        I am the guy behind UrbanMAXX, I am working on another release that adds more realism by using many different texture tehniques. It will be a payware product(inexpensive) and it is currently going through beta testing. Additonally I will relese SkyMAXX which even in its early stages fixes the issue of those drab X-Plane sky colors. CloudMAXX already helps with FPS and soon to be released CloudMAXX Lite goes even further……

        These add-ons were born out of the idea that id you don’t like something, try and fix it instead of whining about it…..XP, I am learning, is very developer friendly and if you get ahold of the right people within the community you have a wealth of knowledge…

        Currently,with those add-ons ,I have been very pleased with X-Plane……Like many people I was at first angry at LR for releasing such a product…..

      • Hi John, Thank you for your comment. It is great to hear about UrbannMAXX, future other products and how you got started. I admire you for taking action and improving the X-Plane experience for all of us. If you need any help beta testing, drop me a line. I have a new gaming rig that is eager for some flight hours.

        While the initial release of X-Plane 10 was far from smooth, X-Plane 10 does represent the future of desktop flight simulation. As a newbie to the X-Plane universe, I am having to adjust my perception as to what X-Plane represents. Coming from FS2004/FSX, I keep expecting a simulator right out of the box with a larger freeware ecosystem. With X-Plane, I am constantly reminded that X-Plane 10 is simply a foundation with the expectation that users will seek out “add-ons” to improve their own world within the sim. Perhaps the X-Plane experience best fits “A Reality of My Own.”



      • John,

        Thanks for this comment. I know now not to buy anything you make. I cannot stand it when people call legit complaints about buggy software releases “whining” and then say “fix it yourself”. Support a dev with that kind of attitude? Not this guy.

  2. Having tried the demo last week, I entirely endorse the comments made so far:-1 Demo riddled with bugs
    2 Frames rates very poor…. FSX runs beautifully.
    3 Aircraft generally not up to present payware standards
    If you reside in Europe as I do, purchase price from Aerosoft is 91.25 US dollars…… think I’ll stick with v9.70 for now.

    • Yes demo had a whole lot of bugs but retail version is far better.
      You can’t compare x plane default airplanes to payware fsx airplanes (if that is what you say)

      Its not perfect but will get much better with new addons and stuff.

      • the retail is the same as the demo version as long as you update it… the only mayor diference is the “world scenery” which is not more than an awfull autogen and the wolrd textures. $80 for this is a joke….

  3. Being stuck with a Mac due to my work I can only fly with x-plane. Back when I got my mac a year ago, I expected to buy X-Plane 10 right away – as that was when X-Plane 10 was supposed to come out, but with the delays in the meantime I have been using X-Plane 9.7, all the while investing hundreds and hundreds of dollars in payware files to get planes and scenery files to be near what I was used to in FS in years past.

    Now as X-Plane 10 was announced I was one of the very first to buy it on the day it came out directly from Laminar. I got my disks last Friday and now all I can only say WOW!!!

    What a disappointment.

    With a four core i7 with 8 GB ram and a 1 GB video card my mac just chews through HD video production work like nothing… just what it’s supposed to do for a $3,700 investment. However when running X-Plane 10 the performance of the sim is absolutely atrocious… and that’s when you can get it running in the first place. With the details turned up, sure the screen grabs are great but that’s all you really get as it limps along at 6 or 7 fps. After hours and hours and hours of experiencing crashes, hangs, and general “beachballing” while fine tuning rendering preferences, I finally have it running > 20 fps. But that’s only in the default scenery. Most of my payware scenery and acf files won’t run unless I dial everything down to look markedly worse than in 9.7 or to a screen resolution of 1024×768.

    What a farce.

    I am hoping future updates will resolve some of these issues but in the meantime I find myself sticking to 9.7 and leaving 10 as Austin’s continuing WIP… but Austin already has my money.

  4. I am surprised by the level of bugs – can’t seem to get glideslope runway lights to work, idle throttle seems to high, rudder effectivness on ground in high winds seems incorrect, and the install on the disk is unusable – you insert the DVD and then bring up the install on the Wedsite? I have MSX – need to reinstall it.

  5. Well im really happy with XP 10, Running on a i7 2600, 6GB ram, ATI 5870 1GB, running in 1920×1200 im able to get >20 fps with all my planes ( Carenado, CRJ200, Falco, MU2, +, + ) It does take a little efford to get it running.
    For me, the only thing to turn down, is the shadows ( Kept on overlay ), Texture is on High. nearly everything else is on high or more. HDR is enabled.
    Away from cities fps is at 30-40+.
    ATC. i find a bit buggy yet, but i really like, that issues are handled. Off course Austin could wait with the release, but it is impossible to foresee every problem with hardware until the program is testet by the users. And they have been issueing new patches very quickly to address theese things.
    To wait for Flight – Well no one knows anything about Flight, exept the hawaii scenery videoes and pictures, so i will not hold my breath for that release.
    To compare it to a wellrunning FSX – hmmm Fsx has had 6 years to mature. Developers knows how to program around the shortcommings. Not a fair comparison in my world. XP10 needs to mature a bit before making that judgement.

  6. Wow! is right. Laminar did a great selling job on this dissapointing product. My computer (fairly powerful with a duo-quad processor, 4 GB ram and a 1G graphics card ) ran 9.7 like a dream and all my purchased planes as well. The selling points led me to believe that X10 would run on less computer and give more performance.

    Wow – I am a sucker for a con apparently!

    All previous posts here describe the horror that unfolded after loading X-10 for the first time. I say horror because it is a real downer to learn I have been dupped by Laminar, I so looked up to. I too had to turn everything off to get it to run. Even after doing so it will not run my favorite purchased plane the Pilatus PC12V10.

    I have put V10 in the shed and pulled out old realiable V9.7 until I read some good news!

  7. I haven’t had time to study your advice, but will soon. I’m equally as frustrated…..just got x 10 about a week ago and the resolution reminds of something little better thanPac Man game. And now my plane is trying to take off in the middle of some floating runway in the middle unknown ocean. Thx for the advice, hope it works.

    • 4 gb ram is hardlye nough for any new pc game this time around.
      I have 6 gb of ram, quad core, i7 and 3 gb graphics card and it runs perfectly.

      No I am not an x plane fanboy.
      I like FSX a lot, but to be honest X Plane with all its problems is still a better simulator, but no does not run perfectly for some.

      To me it runs fine.
      My settings is on high in most places and with just a little more ram and a solidstade harddrive things will become even more better.

      Austin did not say that it will run perfect on all systems, but that it would run.
      Upgrade your computer is the only way to get good performance.

      With FSX I get 40+ frames on ultra high to High settings.
      In X Plane 10 i get 40+ only when airborn, but on ground I have 20 to 30’ish frames.

  8. DISSAPOINTING!!! For starters, what’s with the antiquated sound engine? This should have been overhauled to at least bring it inline with fsx. This is the same simple mono one sample wave setup Austin has used for many years and seems reluctant to upgrade it.This sets the mood for other corner cutting and the sim is full of “handicaps”. Low fps are to be expected and one can “lower” the res etc but to some this will dissapoint. Another annoying thing is the fiddly Auto pilot and using it.This is so poor and cumbersome.Why did they not use the mouse scroll button as in fsx? Lots of little things like this have ruined the sim for me and I will stick to fsx. Even the so called “new”aircraft are a let down not to mention the abysmal older half finnished relics carried over from previous sims! Then there is the “aircraft select”. What’s this all about? Messy and frustrating compared to fsx again. Sorry to keep on about fsx,but Microsoft got a lot of things right”user friendly”,and Laminar should have dropped their pride and copied these useful and friendly UI. Add to that the fact that the new auto generated housing and roads is repeated all over the planet with no difference between Las Vegas and a rural town in England! lol It’s hard to believe how many disks this requires considering ther are no airport buildings,landmarks or city structures to at least give some VFR pointers! Also wher eis the so called “optimised code” where they said this would run better than 9.7 for a given setup? And why oh why are we still sticking to 32bit? 64 bit offers so much more computational number crunching,yet once again we are stuck with 32bit and the lower performance it offers.Poeple say there is no difference!That’s like saying there is no difference then between 32bit and 16bit or 16bit and 8bit.Absolute nonesence. Do your research! When it comes to number crunching 64bit offers greater resolution Ideal for something as complicated as a sim.It’s just lazy programming not taking advantage of the latest CPUs,and come on, 64bit has been available for years and just about every PC is 64bit already! One nice feature of Xplane though is the true night lighting which is superior to fsx. But taking all the dissapointing quirks I am still not sold as there are far too many fowners for me.Even the clouds pale in comparison to “REX”. So many things could have been better given the time between this and the last full release! Then there is the awful and clunky ATC. I could go one ,suffice to say I am giving this a miss! The only ones who are gonna endorse this are the fanboys and diehards loyal to the brand who will defend it here and elsewhere raving how great it is!!!

    • Agree with out except with the 64bit you’re totally lost in this topic, the only reason one would like to program a 64bit application is if you’re going to use more than 4gb of ram that’s why all OS are 64bit so it can run a 64bit application using 4+ gb of ram or many 32bit application using less than 4 simple as that 🙂 Even tho X-Plane is the worst engineered simulator out there, it had potential back in XP8 XP9 now it’s crap, Austin killed his engine.

  9. …absolutely right what you say about X Plane! One really has to question how Beta it really is (at the moment!) They are greedy and rushed it out!
    I love the way they blog too, when something is not quite right. Its not a product for the average simmer, we know how good its flight dynamics are, but for the hobbyist, I am not so sure!

  10. Hey guys,
    I have to say that ive used FSX, FS9, XP9 and XP10. And the only truely finished product to come out of those would have to be FS9(closest anyway). Everybody seems to forget how much trouble FSX caused and still does might i add. I think ive spent more time trying to tweek FSX to run properly then actually flying it. Ha ha talking about not finishing products before realeasing to the public, im sorry but i cannot think of a time where microsoft has ever done this…..win3.1 maybe? 🙂

    Anyway i like both flight sims and enjoy changing or swapping over, i think patience for the time being.


  11. Major disappointment! Trading off aerial views which provide realistic
    flying at most altitudes for Austin’s passion for generic boxes of buildings
    out of sync with reality was a poor choice. Add to that the endless crashes
    and updates, and we have prematurity at it’s best.

  12. Major disappointment with XP 10. With a powerful Imac, it seems to crawl, unless you turn off the majority of the rendering options, then the scenery looks terrible.

    Stick with XP 9.7 until Laminar figures this one out!

  13. WOW, thank God for the demo. Otherwise I would be out 80 clams.
    I own all mfs and xplanes todate. Still flying through buildings and trees in xp10, not much fun when flying choppers. I see no difference with the chopper, it still has same annoying quirks.Scenery sucks on realism, a big no no for me. At least in MFS I can fly vfr using landmarks. I think Microsoft Flight will be crap
    from what am hearing. Black Shark 2 it is for now……………………..

  14. OK, well I have an i5 K2500 @4.3 GHz with a GTX470oc total cost roughly 1100-1200 bucks- and XP10 has run very well even from the first demo. No crashes, very smooth FPS 20-40 with most settings high except clouds.
    And no I didn’t start with all rendering options down low. Maybe I’m just lucky? Have I tinkered with it? You bet! It seems most of the problems are with Mac users and that is too bad. XP10 looks fantastic (depending on what you have added to the Custom Scenery folder as well) Download some free airports and try Urban Maxx and Clouds Maxx from the org. Get the CBD for Seattle and then take a dawn or dusk flight over downtown Seattle with the dynamic lighting and the atmospheric scattering…amazing.
    Blows FSX right out of the water.
    I have tons of great Orbx scenery for FSX and I WAS addicted to it.
    But I have lost interest in FSX since it just doesnt feel like real flight to me.
    XP10 is an incomplete product but it is a marvelous pallet for the future and it is here now.

  15. Can anyone tell me if this real life enhancement was added in X-Plane 10 – the ability to tune your radio to an airfield and by keying the microphone several times make the runway lights turn on? I don’t know which comm freq accomplishes this or how many times you key your mic – my brother (who is a real pilot) told me about this capability in the real world. I know we don’t have a microphone per se – but some coding could replicate this ability.
    I emailed Laminar about this probably a year ago requesting this enhancement – I’m curious if they listened (of course I never got an answer).

  16. – Wasted 90$ CA
    – Buggy in every corner of its features
    – Unfinished software = patch work of technological ideas (a bit here and a bit there, no integrity in its overall usability and no immersion in the overall experience)
    – Laminar selling a Commercial product that is really an experimentation of different technological indeas(again no integrity in its usability)
    – 1 season for the whole year! Version = 10, Laminar did not not notice that with the snow storms and the sofisticated weather module as well as with the plausible 3D world, there should finaly be some 4 seasons to make the whole thing immersive and believable?
    – ATC is drunk or incompetent… Not possible to have IFR guided flight with this thing…
    – A.I is a joke, how in the name of technology a concept of A.I per CPU can be practical and useful for home PCs???? 5 planes around me were too much for my i7 2600 overclocked…
    – Yes performance is weak even with powerful computers but will forgive them this part since FSX was suffering from this virus for many years
    – Oh the only thing I love in XP10 is Night Flying. Nights are very real over urban areas, we feel the 3D lit earth underneath and its almost the only positive thing I keep from my attempts to like XP10… Also nights hide the flaws and missing seasonal variations ;o)
    – Now what can one do with XP10 once he sees his 90$ wasted? Some VFR circuits at night around an airport …
    – Laminar was once the “David” against “Goliath/MS”, now they are trying to package and sell a commercial product that they do not know how to complete. They are no doubt geniuses at work but they do not know how to deliver a comprehensive overall complete usability for the end user…
    – No, the fancy Flight dyanmics, the “we are the best” banners and all the overconfident advertisments including the post ACES closure sermon to preach FS user to convert does not match what is released…
    – will keep playing with FS for now…

  17. My experience withX-Plane 10.3 beta has been nothing but positive….. the detail and realism is incredible! Download and install were slick and easy with no problems. I’m running a multi-core Mac, which I am thinking provides much better performance, but I have not had problem one.

  18. I just dont get it sure the demo had its problems but those have been worked out . I switched to Xplane 9 after aces was shut down and am now running Xplane10 I still fly FSX every once in a while but it is just so jerky and stiff I would never be able to say that its better . Xplanes interface is no more difficult than FSX in someways its much simpler . installing sceneries is much simpler adding aircraft much Simpler . as far as realism FSX just seems so much more animated . My phenom 2X6 and my HD6790 card have no problem handleling Xplane 10 but I still have problems maintaining 25 FPS on FSX. . Sorry to all you FSX fans but there is no way that you will ever convince me that FSX is superior .

    • You are on dope. FSX runs smooth out of the box on basic computers and it installs! What a concept! For half or now 1/3 the cost. Austin is a punk! You shouldn’t lie

  19. I am an avid FSX fan, but uninstalled it when I heard about Microsoft Flight. Now that I’ve seen that FLIGHT is no more than a glorified video game, I turned to X-Plane 10. I can truthfully say, that I have never spent so many hours trying to get a program to work correctly. I won’t go into everything I’ve attempted, but, with over 40 emails sent between myself and an X-Plane tech, I have become extremely frustrated, stressed-out and thoroughly disgusted. I am going back to FSX, which I had no troubles with. I have just one question for you: are any of the X-Plane 10 aircraft and scenery files compatible with FSX? If anyone can give me some input on this, I would be very grateful.

    Thanks, and happy flying,

    • Interesting that you have had so much trouble I have been running Xplane 10 since January and Xplane 9 for three years . i have had very little problems with both and actually get better performance out of Xplane 10 than FSX . I would be interested in finding out what your system consists of what version of windows you are running . As far as setting up the only thing you really have to worry about are the rendering options

      • Hi, Larry…

        Thanks for your comments. I’m running 3.0 AMD Phenom II, Win7, 64bit, 16gb RAM, ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series, 1TB HHD. My rendering is fine, given I’ve set the resolution to my three monitors (5760×1080). The problems occurred when trying to figure out how to set up the yoke, joystick and rudder axis, and programming the buttons. FSX is very simple to program; X-Plane 10 requires me to know about engine magnetos, igniters, starters, etc. Sure, I know I can go into the aircraft’s Panel with my mouse and click on the battery, avionics master, generator and ignition, but I wanted to be able use the buttons on my yoke, quadrants and flight panels. Whenever I set the various buttons and went back into the program to fly, nothing worked as I had set it. I’ve read the manual, and tried to follow the instructions, but still had problems. What I failed to mention in my original comments, is, because of these issues, I haven’t even been able to add any of the global scenery or extra aircraft and scenery I bought when I purchased X-Plane 10. I’m still sitting with only Disc 1 installed. Perhaps if I were a pilot, or student pilot, or had someone sitting beside me who was quite knowledgeable with the program, it would work out. But I don’t have those luxuries, so I’m throwing in the X-Plane towel.

  20. hey doug your running a very similar setup to me I am running a Phenom II X6 3.2 gig and an AMD HD 6790 graphics card with 16 gigs of ram and two 1TB drives with win7 64. I definatly know what you are talking about when it comes to setting your flight controller buttons I have found that I have to set and check set and check . But once its set I have never had a problem . As far as installing all the disks thats up to you I did my total instal of Xplane 10 over about 3 days and if you only prefer to fly in one area just install that scenery . With Xplane 9 I never did install any more than the north american scenery . as far as addon scenery and addon aircraft this is just a case of copying the folder and pasting it into the addon scenery folder or the aircraft folders if it does not come with installers . You may want to ask for help at this you may find some answers .reguarding your panel setup. I have both FSX and XPX and also have FS9 setup as Bill lyons Golden Wings and play with them all . Xplane 10 is now my main flightsim though . there are alot of updates comming up in the next little while including 64 bit and some performance increases for AMD cards . You can follow these at Bens developer blog and can give him feedback . Xplane is a constantly evolving simulator and they have already pushed up the priority some of the wants from feedback of MSFS developers at the Aerosoft Xplane10 convention in Spain . So hopefully they will simplfy the control setup in the future .


  21. I AGREE … I wanted to buy this thing yesterday then i thought let me download the demo, so for the last 34 hours its installing .. there is 3 hours left 🙂
    Based on what I have read here im glad i went for the download of the demo.

    Downside to this sim is the fact that it is way over priced.

    I got Diablo3 three weeks ago (yes its no sim nor is it related to this blah blah to hose who get uptight take an extra white pill and keep your pants dry I am trying to make a point) … Blizzard spent years in making this game only to lose at the end of this year when the new style games are released … a 3D world not 2D, D3 still stuck in a 2d image – yes 2D, it looks 3D but its no where near what is on the market this year, look at youtube Lineage Eternal – Official trailer.

    I think game developers are making sh… products to sell to the people who buy based on the advert … lol shame.

    The developer does this only for two reasons:

    1. Finance their F-UP … sorry I mean UPDATES and keep the company afloat, its like pre investing on something that will or wont be great – read point under *

    2. To moan that it is not worth it then the bugs are fixed the product becomes old, price drops, new programming styles and coding come into the market and it all start over again.

    *Unfortunately these guys spend years on development only to come second – YES Technology is pulling away from them. Game design should be one or two years MAX, Diablo 3 vs Eternal is perfect example. 13 years vs 1,2 or 3.

    In the end I ask myself is it worth supporting a company that will only release bug upon bug requires a supercomputer to run …. and by the time you really start to enjoy the product it is 9 or 10 years past its sell by date and stinks to what’s out there like Diablo 3 and X10 (according to your posts here) … the way I see it X-plane has the market unless FSX now Prepar3D® does something really great, yes Lockheed Martin has the FSX code & model now, re-named it to Prepar3D® and they are doing some amazing things for some big boys, still waiting to see some things on their side.

    I develop scenery in blender and repaints. I have FS9,FSX & soon X10,

    UPSIDE for X10 … WOW just what i have been waiting for regarding design, I can call myself a blender pro using it for 6 years now and Im a designer in many platforms, as X10 is downloading I messed with some of the files, changed the gauges from the normal flat kind of look to have a glass look and feel, looks amazing now … it is going to be great designing for X10 …. buy it in mid 2013 is what im going to do, until then release some great scenery for it and make the bucks for decent system to run it on!

    • Thats funny I have been running it for the last 6 months and it runs fine I am running an amd phenom IIX6 3.2 gig with an AMD hd6790 graphics card and average about 28fps with clouds and textures set to ultra my set up is definitly not a high end gamming machine . I have heard alot of Mac users complaining but then again Macs ar not gamming machines There are many new games that will not runn on older lesser computers but thats no reason to bash them . Its time to upgrade . As far as downloading it complain to your ISP . when it comes to installing it I would recomend Ordering the disk set and only install your local area and then add the scenery over time . I can imagine There is alot of negitive stuff I could dig up about Blizzard and diablo if I wanted lets face it there theres alot of discruntled WOW players out there

  22. xplane 10 loaded … it started loading 7 minutes later … clouds appeared it started by moving the clouds frame by frame … sadness hit my face when it showed the airport far faaaar in the distance and the whole pc froze up … sigh … I need the NASA Computer or Google’s super pc for this game. HUGE LET DOWN SORRY X10 … snif snif

    • Yes, on your i7 6 monitor Sim-pit? Sorry but it’s just somewhat interesting how the whining people seems to be the ones with the most fancy ass rigs. Nevertheless, as I’ve yet to test XPX I’ve yet to pass judgement, thinking my old i5 still can pull some frame rates, that is. WinXP, 4GB RAM, GeForce GTX450 1GB – and no, no Sim-pit. Reading above posts, however, I can’t help feeling a bit discouraged.

      Now, reason for my (possible) change is choppers – which we all know – FSX never really “implemented” (they suck big time to put it straight). You can’t even get a proper recording without crashes or fucked up animations – flight characteristics excluded. Not knowing XPX, all I can say to that is – tweaking, just hit me! As for fixed wing, given A2A AccuSim products, It’s another story. Probably a better one than XPX altogether (just a qualified assumption). Basically all I need is a decent chopper (a part from BS) that I can enjoy so… Well, who needs “drunk ATC:s” anyway…

      But If I were to engage in FPX, especially with the “large knowledge base” in mind, I would expect tweaking templates or what have you in the forums.

  23. Whilst I appriciate the Xplane team rely on the Xplane community to add some stuff, and that they want to release it before it’s perfect, I think this is a step too far.

    The landscapes are bland, and the ATC is a joke – or would be a joke if it wasn’t so frustrating wasting time trying to use it, only to have it bark the same repeated orders on taxi, and to tell you you’ve violated the ATC instructions by going on the runway, when you’ve been cleared to take off.

    The planes themselves are a joke too, exactly the same planes as before, and exactly the same buggy cockpits – cockpits that can’t move in increments, cockpits that are in ‘4:3’ mode (come on, every computer powerful enough to run Xplane 10 is widescreen), it’s just a frustrating experience.

    I’m working away from home for a couple of months, and I wish I’d bought Xplane 9 with me to play instead of this. I wish I’d waited to buy this heap of junk – I consider this sim an insult at the moment.

    I like the feel of the planes more than FSX, but that just means they’ve got the ‘engine’ of the game right. That doesn’t mean it deserved a release in it’s VERY beta format at the moment.

  24. “If you are an FSX user, I recommend waiting for Microsoft Flight, which will offer a far superior customer experience and better support.”
    LOL how did that work out for you guys? Enjoying a program that was killed off a few months after it’s release?

    The sim community better hope either people get behind X-Plane or Lockheed goes mainstream with PREPAR3D

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