Further Thoughts on X-Plane 10, Part 1

Now that X-Plane 10 has been out for almost a month and seven “beta” releases have been distributed, I thought it would be a great time to take another look at X-Plane 10.  In this multi-part series, I will share further thoughts on X-Plane 10:

  1. Part 1: Laminar Research Delivers a Sour Taste
  2. Quick tips on Getting Started with X-Plane 10, both configuration and rendering options
  3. The revised experience: I’ll share some screenshots and further discuss whether X-Plane is worth it after spending more time with the software on multiple platforms.

So without further ado (do you guys really read this?), Part 1:

Laminar Research Delivers a Sour Taste

In my previous post on XP 10, Initial Thoughts on X-Plane 10, I discussed how much of a nightmare the release was and how frustrating adjusting setttings could be.  I ended the post by suggesting that those of us with older systems stick with X-Plane 9.7 and kept to my “do not buy” recommendation.

This post also became a place for many readers to share their experiences with X-Plane 10.  It quickly became clear that I was not alone in my conclusions and many of you struggled with X-Plane 10 as well.  There was some harsh criticism for Laminar Research, referring to their recent as “disappointing”.

I would like to note that to date, no one from Laminar Research has bothered to address these comments on this blog.   In addition, I personally have sent three emails to Laminar Research requesting further comments.  None of my inquiries have been returned.   Shame…

Its Beta software!

X-Plane 10 is really beta software.  Maybe I missed a memo to their consumers, but with all the hype around how great X-Plane 10 was going to be, someone forgot to stick the “beta” label on it in a place consumers can read.   The X-Plane 10 release represents the worst software release in years, with so many bugs and a confusing installation (can’t use the installer on the DVD!), Laminar Research jumped the gun. Nothing says it better than pointing the seven “fixes” released since its debut.  That is almost two per week!

Mac Users Beware

X-Plane 10 is not optimized for Mac.  The explanation that I received on Facebook was that Macs are not optimized for gaming and this isn’t an X-Plane 10 issue, but an Apple issue.  Even still, Laminar Research could have stepped up and pointed out the performance variance a little more black and white.

$80 is a rip-off!

Its $80 for crappy, beta software.  While I recognize that Laminar Research has a lot of time resources invested, $80 is steep, especially for software that wouldn’t run out of the box (you must download a new installer from their website).

So, for $80, what am I getting?  The latest in graphic rendering, improved ATC (?), and a few extra planes that can only on “high end” systems.  The only thing is keeping me from filing a charge back with credit card company (fraud would be my reason for doing so), is that I personally jumped the gun when I ordered it even before downloading the buggy web demo.


Sadly, Laminar Research has left a very sour taste in my mouth from mis-leading marketing to a scalping cost for buggy, poorly checked software.  From what others have said, I am not the only one.   As a customer experience advocate, I proudly give Laminar Research an “F”.

My message to Austin and the rest of Laminar Research: “You boys are playing in the big league now, releasing buggy software and ignoring your customers isn’t going to get you market share.  Stop and think about who is really paying your paychecks.  Smart business is about the customer.”

Coming up in part 2, some quick tips on getting started with X-Plane 10, including how to get “decent” frame rates on older systems and how to configure your joystick.


20 thoughts on “Further Thoughts on X-Plane 10, Part 1

  1. Uh… This must be the most useles pice of c**** I’ve read in a long time… I can fully understand why LR do not respnd to your e-mails. Try to be a bit constructive and you might get some where. Thank google for letting me read more balanced (and actual) reviews! Also, I do really enjoy flying X-plane 10 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment and sharing your view. Glad that you enjoy X-Plane 10. It certainly has some awesome features if you run it on the right system and configuration.

      As for constructive, that comes in part 2.


  2. Your review is dead-on. I had high hopes for XP-10, but this is a seriously flawed piece of software. I’ve been struggling for 2 days to configure my Saitek yoke and I’m about ready to give up. Settings are randomly lost and the software takes an eternity to restart between crashes. Buyer beware, any positive reviews you read are suspect. XP-10 is not ready for primetime.

    • I agree – I paid in total $140.00 inc Shipping to Canada – Customs – – no where did it say BETA on their website or on the package. Now I’m on FSX until they get this software up to speed – I was VERY disappointed and I work in customer service as well and to ME, this is UNACCEPTABLE behaviour from a company. Borderline – Deceptive to cash in on a cash cow … – My Two Cents!
      Rob (Ontario Canada)

  3. I downloaded the demo the other day of XP 10 and I’m not impressed. The constant crashing when trying to go into rendering menu, and trying to configure something basic like panning with my joystick hat, which should be default joystick setup is a pain. Based on their demo I will not be purchasing Xplane until it’s a more polished bit of software. It’s a shame because as a simulator it looks really good, but the bugs and poor menu setup lets it right down; it just annoys me too much any I can’t be bothered with it any more.

  4. I like the software, don’t get me wrong it has some problems but with all the different machines out there all software is Beta. I still cannot get a good frame rate and I have a Quad Processor and a very high end graphics card. My hope is they will work out the kinks soon. I was an avid MSFS and they dropped the Sim all together so I am here for the long haul.

  5. Great write-up and dead on. For me to run XPlane 10…I’d have to buy a whole new system. Tried to run the demo…what a waste of time. I’d stick with 9.7

  6. I just downloaded the demo from the x-plane site and have never played a more buggy piece of software ever… I know it states that it’s a Beta release, but wtf!
    For instance
    My Saitek X52 Hotas which works perfectly on MSFSX is all over the place here. Assigning some of the sliders on the throttle to elevator and aileron trim results in some spectacular nose dives and blackout inducing climbs when making minor adjustments. The ‘3D’ panel graphics are laughable and in some cases still have the x-plane 9 logo on the control column.
    At one point I tried a night flight and on the runway ahead of me was a large aircraft doing some kind of dance, spinning and rotating all over the place..
    Graphically, there is no comparison to FSX even with the rendering set to maximum. I liked the look of the demo videos, especially the traffic at night, but after wasting hours with the demo I doubt if I will be buying this release.

  7. Can I have my $80 dollars back now? Worst Flight sim I ever seen and this is suppose to be 2012, I seen better results from Sierra Pro Pilot 98.

  8. I loved your write up! I totally agree and it’s unfortunate that these companies, like so many others, put out Beta’s as quick cash cows – then we have to spend OUR time – helping them test their software. I think that’s wrong. Very wrong. I read that XP 10 was created on a MAC and ported to Windows – so the line about them not making it for MAC is bs. It was created on one LOL — that’s an excuse, obviously. — There is major Frame Rate issues even to this day! – April30th, 2012 — I dloaded XP 9 and it runs at 50-60FPS – compared to the choppy 20 I get in XP 10 – – that’s rediculous… I am SO, in agreement with you. I will not buy this until it’s fixed!

  9. The Shittiest Review Ever.
    And you guys are just bunch of Fan boys paid by microsofts to bitch about X Plane.You Whores cant get a life so stfu.And The Mac version is the best.Get your info right.Never believe what others say.

    • XPlaneLover, I appreciate your viewpoint, but spreading hate with vulgar, inappropriate language only make all X-Plane fans look really, really bad. Somehow, I don’t think Austin Meyer would use such language in promoting his product. I think you are a minority, but will leave your comment here for all others to see just how X-Plane lovers promote themselves. Cheers!

    • This is just the kind of attitude you see from the x-plane community and this also why you should stay away from x-plane. org cause its more of the same.

  10. I’d have to disagree with you about issues with the Mac OS. X-Plane 9 and 10 were made on the Mac OS so why would their be any issues?

  11. You sir are a hypocrite. If you had any sense at all you would know that by paying 80$ you will also receive ALL future updates. Further more x-plane was developed ON a Mac FOR a mac. Foremost, by saying “software that wouldn’t run out of the box” proves for a fact, that you are ‘too lazy’ to download a simple file under 5mb.


    • I’ll tell you why – X plane 9 was coded well – by WHOM ever the coder was – Xplane 10 was not – this is why they are releasing a 64 Bit version because whomever created the Version 10 in the first place, didn’t code it to properly handle memory allocation. Try Xplane 9 on a mac – works good eh? Yeah, there is a reason alright…

  12. I would have to say. X-plane 10 is much better of you are a real pilot, like me. I am a pilot-in-training.

    All my flight instructors use x-plane 10 to practice flying in their free time, and everyone say that XP-10 is a very realistic software. FSX’s physics are nothing like the real thing, I personally know a few HAECO engineers and they say so. I used to play FSX and that was a rip-off.

    I think you should go into the real world and please, start updating xp-10, might be outdated. The old ones have FPS issues, and i mean A LOT OF FPS issues.

  13. Laminar Research used deceptive advertising with their product. Upon contacting them for help thinking I must have done something wrong went unanswered. I then reached out to the message forums on their website for help only to be told basically this is how it is. It amazes me how anyone can pat laminar research on the back for this. I have chopped it up to a scam and have written their message forums off as full of cult types who will always attack, never defend type behavior. Thanks for the blog post, good sir.

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