RealAir’s Legacy Comes Alive

The Lancair Legacy is an exciting aircraft.  The two seat, composite aircraft features a 310 hp Continental motor wrapped in a sleek skin that screams SPORT, all of which provide a truly unique flight experience.  Since Fs2000, the Legacy has been available as a mediocre freeware add-on that was begging to get a refresh by a talented modeler.

Thanks to RealAir Simulations, the Legacy reaches the level it deserves in FSX.  A fully featured add-on with nearly 100 custom sounds, 2048p HD textures, and “best of business flight modeling,” this model is a must for any sport pilot.  All of the detail and features do come at a price, though.  At $47 US, this is definitely pushing the high end of add-on budgets to a new high.

< RealAir Legacy homepage >

If you have any experience with RealAir’s Duke or Turbine Duke, you know this Lancair Legacy is going to scream through the virtual skies of FSX! Go get it!

The gorgeous lines and visual details compliment the realism in this truly awesome model.

Update 02jun12: After a few test flights, the RealAir Legacy represents an experience like no other.  A full review is coming soon…


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