Microsoft Posts FSX Service Packs on Avsim

This was a downright surprise. Microsoft Corporation posted both FSX Service Pack 1 AND 2 in the Avsim File Library!

Both service packs are available on Avsim

(link to SP1) ~ (link to SP2)

While I fully welcome the decision, this action makes me wonder a few things:

  1. Is Microsoft about to terminate the FSX product site?
  2. Despite trying Microsoft trying to exit the desktop simulation market, do they realize just  how popular FSX still is? Wiith Prepar3D retailing at $199, FSX is still a bargain if you can find the DVDs.
  3. Will they be posting the FS2004 service packs as well?  FS2004 is alive and well, especially since Carenado has begun updating their releases for it.

Anywho, just wanted to post this here as it is an interesting move on behalf of Microsoft.


X-Plane 10 Error Message: Read Only File

I  fired up X-Plane 10 after a few week break and updating to beta 8.  Now, I get a series of error messages about files being marked as read only in windows. It seems that X-Plane 10 thinks the “scenery_packs.ini” and “X-Plane Pilot.txt” files are read only.  see screenshots:

The interesting thing here is that both of these are NOT marked as READ ONLY.  In fact, I can see the entries from my last flight in each file.   The problem  is that when the X-Plane Pilot.txt error message comes up, there is no way to get rid of  the message, I have to kill X-Plane.exe in Task Manager.

A friend  of  mine suggested that there is a bug in  the rendering settings that causes this and resetting to the default  fixes it  temporarily, but I can’t find where to reset X-Plane.

I am curious if anyone else has had this problem and what you did to fix it.  My copy of X-Plane 10 is dead until I find a solution.


SOLUTION:  I finally found the solution.  The errors are due to Windows 7 changing permission of X-Plane 10 files as I had my X-Plane 10 folder installed in Program Files.  The solution is move the X-Plane 10 folder to a “non-system” owned directoy, such as your Desktop.  Visit this forum post at  the org for  details.   I copied the folder to the desktop and it is working okay now!

SkySpirit2012 CRJ-1000 Released

We knew it was in the works, but didn’t know when we could get our hands on its virtual yoke.  The release has come!  Available from SkySpirit2012 is the CRJ-1000 with tons of liveries.

SkySpirit 2012 CRJ-1000 leaving Bozeman for Denver

 For more info:

Check out the SkySpirit 2012 Facebook page, including links to packages

Check out Avsim, search for “SkySpirit2012 CRJ”

Service Pack 1 has been released, download it here

You all know what I will be doing tomorrow… flying the next generation Bombardier in FS2004!

Update: First Impressions

I had the pleasure of flying the CRJ-1000 from Bozeman, MT to Denver, CO and have to say that it flies like a CRJ.  In fact, I kept thinking I was flying the CRJ-900 whenever I went to outside view.   Of course, this meant the model offers the same great eye candy the former Project Opensky group was known for.  The push back tug, the air-stair, and the reverse thrust animation were all there.

Taxi to the active at Bozeman, MT in FSX for a test flight to Denver.

Regardless, the model had issues right out of the download file in FSX.  When I first loaded the aircraft, the nose wheel was turned completely perpendicular to the fuselage and no amount of joystick play was going to right it.  That was when I found the update on the group’s Facebook “file page” (clickie here) which updated the aircraft.cfg, model files, panel files,  and *.air  file.   With the update installed, life was so much better with a properly functioning nose wheel.  So, if you are having issues, run over and make sure you install the update before posting the issue on the Facebook page.

Nice shine on the wings and fuselage as we descend to final at KDEN, runway 34L

However, even with the update installed, I noticed the cockpit windows appeared greyed out in FSX (see screenshots).  At times they appeared more transparent, but most of the time they seemed dull,which detracted from the realism experience.  Hopefully a fix will  follow, although the model was designed for FS2004, not FSX.

Short final, runway 34L, notice the greyed out cockpit windows

Again, flight in FSX  went as expected from my flight time in the smaller CRJ-700 and CRJ-900 (did I just say smaller and refer to the CRJ-900?) in that the flight model rewards patience and calculated inputs.  An aerobatic biplane this is not, and your passengers will thank you for not flying it as such.  My one pet peeve, and this is probably because I am running FSX is that banking seems sluggish, even for a regional jet.  Both the Project Opensky CRJ-700 and the Roll-On CRJ-200 for X-Plane have a slightly more reactive feel compared to the SkySpirit model.  Aligning with the runway on short final was a little more challenging than expected. On the other hand, it could be that I have been  general aviation aircraft for the past few months and this is my first flight in a jet in a few weeks.

At the gate at Denver waiting for the jet-way to extend

Does the SkySpirit 2012 CRJ-1000 set a new standard?  Well, I think it compliments the existing FS CRJ family quite well.  The high  count of liveries already available is also a huge plus (livery list here).  Despite a few early bugs, this model will make a great addition to any virtual airline fleet.  But, I can’t wait for a private livery or two.  I am sure the 1% will add this to their fleet of toys as well.